Best pussy

What’s your favourite type of pussy?
Many of us have fucked different types of pussies, I can honestly say my favourite type is a big loose pussy hole.
A big loose pussy hole has many advantages, it gapes at all times, it gets super wet, it also makes lots of squelching noises (when pushing in and when pulling out) easier to fist fuck, it looks like it’s been fuck when you have finished!
What type of pussy do you like…

3 months ago


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    • Chubby women have great juicy and delicious pussys

    • Big fat hairy pussys

    • I adore hairy cunts

    • I like the kind with big fangs covered in sores and oozing pus

    • This is a very important question, and I thank you for asking it. I am the Burger King Incest Troll—you may have heard of me—and my favorite type is dead pussy. I just love cold, unmoving, unfeeling pussy. Either embalmed or not. I work in a funeral home and have access to preteen corpses and send them to their graves full of my semen. I sure hate pedos (unless they like dead pussy!) and LGBTQ and Jackie/Jack and crossdressers but mostly I hate necrophobic society! Let me fuck corpses in broad daylight!!!

    • I love mature pussy, i.e. those of women aged 30 and over of any race ...

    • I love my wife's shaved pussy after she has fucked her big cock boyfriend. She opens her legs and let's me slide my dick into her. She is so wet from her own juices and his cum . When I pull out of her my dick is soaked from their love making. I can fuck her hard and cum in her. Then lick her shaved pussy clean. I love that.

    • Love eating other guys cum out of my wife’s pussy

    • So do I

    • I love my wifes big loose pussy as well. A big loose pussy is easy to fist and double penetrate. She can also squirt bucket loads. Many guys have enjoyed her pussy.

    • I love mature pussies with thick outer lips and a pair of beautiful inner ones capped with nice clit ...

    • I like them all. I got a big fat dick so big is better. I can go an hour on my FWB big girl. She's just big all over. Huge tits, big ass, she's almost 6 foot 180 pretty solid pounds. Best HR hitter on her softball team. She likes to go cowgirl on me and swirl my cock around her fun hole with her hand. Even her big mouth gets more dick in than any other. Fell bad for her husband, his dick never been there. "only whores do blowjobs"
      College freshman I popped little Joan's little pussy. She winced. Couldn't fuck in the car, we needed a bed for her to get up on 55 degree angel for my dick to get in, and me spreading her legs as wide as my arms could reach out. At our 10 year reunion I almost fell in. She said her husband was bigger than any porn star.

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