Sniffing my Mums dirty panties

Laying in my bed masturbating my rock hard cock while listening to my stepdad fuck my mum and listening to her moaning and groaning and telling him that she was coming turned me on so much.... I love to imagine that it is me fucking or licking my own Mums sweet wet pussy making her cum all over my face.
I got up and sneaked into the bathroom so I could get a pair of my Mums dirty panties to sniff and lick while I jerk off listening to her get fucked.
Unfortunately there were none of her dirty panties but pairs of my younger sister and step sisters dirty panties so I happy started to sniff them instead.
Just then my stepdad walked in and caught me. I was soo embarrassed and tried to hide what I was doing but I was busted.
You little perv he teased me. Little panty perv he called me. I bet you sniff your own Mums dirty panties dont you. I just hung my head in shame and went even redder. Well guess what she knows that you take her dirty panties and sniff them while you wank, cause she caught you about three months ago. I was horrified until my stepdad told me that she was a little tipsy and it actually turned her on and she continued to watch until you shot your load.
You are not the only panty sniffer here he told me.
I love to sniff your Mums dirty panties as well, I also love to sniff your younger sisters dirty panties almost every day as well. I get your Mum to dress up in your sisters school uniform and put on a pair of your sisters or even my little girls dirty panties and she sits on my face talking dirty to me while I sniff and lick her cunny while I jerk off. She loves to finger herself while describing to me the time when she caught you wanking with her dirty panties over your nose and mouth taking deep sniffs.
I bet you would like the fresh very sticky and creamy pair that she is still wearing wouldn't you she has cum into them 4 times this evening and I have finger fucked her through them. Wait here he said he then came back a moment later with a pair of dark electric blue coloured lace boy shorts in his hand and handed them to me and said take a sniff and lick of these.
I was in heaven they were so wet and sticky with my own Mums fresh cum. I licked the cream and it tasted delicious... Just then my Mum called me... She knows you are sniffing and licking them out her I told her they were for you.
Go on in to our bedroom he said. I did and got such a shock my Mum was lying naked on the bed with her legs open and rubbing her very wet pussy.
So you like the smell and taste of Mummies pussy do you? I nodded yes.
Your so naughty son My Mum stood up and walked over to me and eased me down on the bed I bet you would like to see mummies pussy close up wouldnt you and with that she straddled my shoulders and crouched over my face just an inch away. Take a sniff she said soo much better than sniffing Mummies dirty panties. She then sat right down on my nose and it slipped right inside her vagina and she started to hum my face. I no time at all she orgasmed right into my mouth and I drank my own Mums pussy juice. Since then I get to eat her out whenever she is horny and my stepdad is not around. She says that she wants my younger sister to also eat her out while she eats her out. I bet you would like to watch that wouldnt you. Yes mummy I would. You know your stepdad has already had sex with his little girl dont you I was shocked but liked the idea. He loves to cum inside her little bald cunny then I eat her out.... mmmmm

2 months ago


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    • Mom's PUSSY IS sweet.

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