Fuck Roger Ebert

I could care less if this fat fuck is dead, Roger Ebert is trash he always has been and always will be.

One he deserves to burn in hell for his shitty reviews and for the remarks he made about the late Ryan Dunn.

You know what God did the world a favor ending the life of that fat miserable pig Roger Ebert.

I hope Roger Ebert is suffering in Hell watching every movie he gave two thumbs down and have Rush Limbaugh sitting next to you.

If Roger Ebert were still alive today i'm sure Cancel Culture would have a field day with him.

I bet if Roger Ebert were still alive today he would be a Trump Supporter.

I don't just give Roger Ebert's whole life Two Thumbs Down, I give his whole life two middle fingers.

Hope Satan is treating you well in Hell, Roger Ebert.

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  • Ebert died April 4, 2013, the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Well, you got your wish, before you even asked for it. Mr. Ebert spent substantial time in hell prior to departing this earthly life, dealing with a particularly debilitating and painful form of cancer of the thyroid and mouth. Part of his jaw was removed, leaving him unable to speak or eat normally. It would do you significant good, I believe, if you could find a way to forgive his gross insensitivity (which he regretted and apologized for). It's a process and a result that you'll find beneficial (or necessary) so many times in your life. Please take every care, and be well.

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  • Ebert made a really snarky --- and really uninformed and really stupid --- comment on Twitter about Ryan's death VERY close to the accident itself. He was trying to make a "Jackass" joke but the timing and the context were really just God-awful, and perhaps inexcusable and by the time he realized he'd done actual damage to Ryan's family and friends, and his movie franchise and his memory, it was too late to unwind it. He apologized multiple times, but the harm had been done. I won't attempt to defend what he wrote, because it's indefensible. Needless to say, the sting remains, undiminished by Ebert's own death a couple years or so afterRyan's.

  • Although I almost never agreed with Ebert's assessment of any movie, I always read his reviews, because he was a brilliant historian of the film industry and because he wrote so well. Was he smug and condescending? Yes, frequently, but so are a lot of people who are experts on a topic to which they've devoted their entire lives.Could he be insulting and insufferable? You bet, when confronted by someone who refused to accept that there is art and beauty in the medium of film. Not all FILMS are artful and beautiful, of course, but the medium itself is capable of greatness and capable of reaching and moving people. Roger felt that and saw that and wrote that, and the The movie industry -- and the world -- has been much poorer in the eight years since he left us. I'm really very sorry that you don't agree. I wish you did, for your own sake, because I believe you missed an important resource and perspective without realizing it.

  • Why the animosity?

  • Because he made a crude "joke" on Twitter too close to the date of the car wreck that took Ryan's life, before he was even in the ground.

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