Blowjob fetish

I’m a virgin so i’ve never sucked dick before and i’ve always wanted to practice on someone random and have them teach me how to do it. I still want to do this to someone

2 months ago

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    • Practice on an older guy. No one will ever find out. You'll never have to awkwardly run into them anywhere. You'll never have to see them with someone else elsewhere and get jealous. And by the time you hit your prime in life they will most likely be senile, in a home, or dead and never be a problem to you or your reputation. You'd be shocked by how much old cock I've had that has now passed away or gone senile in a retirement home. Great lovers that made my college days great. But since no one ever saw me drunk with guys or around guys they think I'm a great gal with great ethics and a sweetheart who has never been with another man before marriage.

    • Try a personal ad. Sucked a random older guys cock every day after high school and by the time I had an actual bf he was shocked that I was so good. Of course no one knew or ever found out and he married me and thinks I'm just very talented

    • Did the same thing here. Couldn't come out as gay or id get beat up but I could visit craigslist guys and let them sodomize my ass or throat every weekend

    • I love to suck cock email me

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