Cock worshiper!

I love the thought of giving pleasure while sucking a cock! I want to suck a cock or maybe more on a daily basis! I live in a very rural area near Sunbury, Pa. I need to be very discreet, but crave t hug e experience of sucking cock! I have a fantasy of sucking more than one, the different feeling of two cocks and the different tastes of their cum! I'm so horny I could cum thinking about it! And then I think about having a cock in my virgin boy pussy and one in my mouth! So exciting, And so naughty!

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  • Hi i live in cumberland md i dont think we r too far away. I feel the same as u and would also like to b very descreet. I am a virgin as well. Im straight but for some reason the past few years ive been wanting cock bad but dont really kno where to find it and where people wont find out. If ud like to meet n take turns on each other that would b amazing. Ill check back here for a resonse

  • I'm really a bottom, but but your message got me excited!

  • When i was a teen to get on my knees in front of an older man and suck his cock was the biggest thrill ive ever had, for me to be able to bring anyone that much pleasure brought me a great amount of pleasure, i am a grown man now and i still like to suck a dick sometimes . sucking a cock stays with you for life.

  • Sucked 2 in the same day both had HUGE loads did them both twice

  • I love to suck cock email me

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

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