Why are people on here nasty and mean

I am not here to be nasty this website is nothing but a joke all people never follow the rules and never respected people this has got to stop

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  • You’re completely right. If you don’t like a post move on. Why the hate.

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  • Jackie get the fuck out of here now! You self admitted 40 year old retard!

  • I concur completely. It's supposed to be a place to have some sexy fun and exchange ideas and information. That SHOULD happen without judgment or criticism or fear, and it COULD happen that way. And if it DID happen that way, this would be the best site on the Internet, and it would be the busiest by far. Instead, it's turned into a landfill of perverted fantasies, infested with hate. That is NOT the fault of the owership, administration or moderators. It's OUR fault for contributing to it, participating in it or silently standing by. Every time I stop by here, things have worsened a bit, and grown a little darker and meaner. That's disappointing, in and of itself. But it's much more disappointing to watch it slide further and further away from the ideal. Thank you for your comments and your rational thinking.

  • This is the fault of the ownership, administration or moderators! People have written stories that go to far and the moderators did nothing about! They should have nipped it in the bud! Pedophilia, rape and incest is going way too far! It is even in the rules about posting it. As a matter of fact posting in graphic detail on the other stories is quote against the rules. But they do nothing about it.

    Now it is a bunch of morons writing fake stories trying to out do each other and keep trying to push the limits of how far they can go! There are a bunch of men who think this is a dating site and posting their emails, a clear violation of the rules.

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