Gangbang my gf

So 5 years ago I met my gf. I am not the cheating type at all but there was love at first sight so I left my gf at the time and got with this girl. I was absolutely in love and it seemed she was too. As time went on I found out she cheated on me. As mostly anyone would, I flipped out n left her. I loved her so much I couldn't stay away tho so we ended up bk together. We have been together 5 years and at least once a year I've basically find out she's cheated again. The first few times it ripped my heart out. The last few times I've become numb to it. But now all of a sudden I find myself wanting to watch her get fucked by other guys. I've never brot it up and idk if I'd even go thru with it but when I jerk off thats what I love to think about. Also taking a cock myself. Id love to come home one day n hear moaning from the bedroom. I walk in n find my gf laying on the bed stroking 2 huge cocks. Just as I go to whoop some ass 2 other guys come behind me and restrain me. They force me to watch my gf take these 2 huge cocks. As I watch in horror I notice my cock getting hard. The guys holding me down r also getting hard. They pull out their equally large cocks n shove them in my face. Me being so horny I start sucking them all while making sure to glance over n see my gf getting her pussy and ass get completely stretched open. Seeing how much pleasure she is in I decide I also want a cock in my ass. I climb up on the bed next to her n spread my legs. I gently slap my ass hole motioning for them to come over. One rams his cock in my ass while the other forces his down my throat. Me and my gf both laying there next to each other getting completely dominated by 4 massive cocks. At the same exact time the one in each of our asses blows their load deep in our guts. The other 2 blow all over our faces. With cock still buried in each of our asses we turn to each other n start kissing n licking cum off our faces n swapping it around. I get real crazy thoughts when im horn so when im not jerking I would never think of this. Would like to find a bi person so we can both have fun but I will settle for just someone to fuck my gf. She is a squirter too by the way which is amazing. As big of slut as she is her pussy is still so tight. Anyone who has a minimum of 10 inch cock also thick that wants to beat up some pussy let me kno. Only other thing is u have to blow ur load deep inside her. Omg im so hard rite now. Someone please come punish fuck this pussy for me

3 months ago


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    • Would someone plz come pound my wifes pussy. Stretch her out n then blow ur load deep in her guts

    • Enjoy her let her fuck as many guys as she wants. Watch her get fucked and enjoy her cum filled pussy it’s wonderful

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