I gave a man a blowjob

I’m a man and I gave another man a blowjob. We met on Craigslist years ago and I’m guessing it was M 4 M section

I was very curious about it. He chatted with me online and then invited me to his work after hours. I was super nervous.

I sat in a chair and he stood in front of me and pulled his pants and shorts down. He had about a 8 inch cock

I tried my best. He didn’t cum. So I just stopped and went home. Never told my wife or anyone

I actually enjoyed it

3 months ago

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    • I have sucked off two guys. The first was an old guy I met from Craigslist and it didn’t go well. He was too nervous about getting caught since we were in my car in the target parking lot. He got hard for a minute but didn’t stay that way long enough to cum or even enjoy it. The other was much more recently and I met him at his work at the end of the day. He closed the front door to his retail store and I blew him in the bathroom in back. Did this twice, the first time was awkward and rushed but he got hard and came in my mouth. His load was thin and small. The second time was much better. He got harder, I did better and his load was thick and heavy. I hope to find the time to meet again soon for round three.

    • I love to suck cock email me gino8xx@yahoo.com

    • I had one blow job with my brother we had a 69 it was fantastic i really enjoyed it, i want to do it again but he wont as we are both married, i am working on him

    • Why not try again ? Did you like holding another hard cock or were you so uncomfortable with it you couldn’t pleasure him. Close your eyes and think of being a chic.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. And sorry that you missed out on the best part of sucking a guy off. I love when a guy cums in my mouth. Maybe you will get a chance again one day.

    • Good for you to experience it at least once.

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