How do I know who fucked her

We live in a small town, she is local but I am not.
When I met my wife she told me (after lying about her sexual past) that she had been fucked a lot.
But only told me the names of a few who had been between her legs.
Now when we walk around town, some guys say hello to her. They are not the ones who have had her or so she says.
I ask did you have sex with that guy and she always says no?
But the way they talk to her seems a bit familiar to me!
I am worried that she may have been fucked by them but is lying about the guys that know her.
Have I married the local bike?

3 months ago


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    • I have recorded the action and uploaded on net for all to see
      Watch h t t p s : / /

    • Just keep quiet about it, if she's still giving you what you want then what's the problem? If she gets tired of it, she might very well spend more time with other cocks and less with you. Then what are you going to do?

    • A sexually experienced woman makes the best wife. My wife had several lovers before me and enjoys sex more than any woman that I have been with.

    • If you love her it doesn't matter how many guys she fucked in the past or in the future. Me and my wife come from a small town. She was letting all the guys fuck her. She was the town slut. I knew what she was when I married her. But she is a good loving woman. We did end up moving far away because of all the talking behind our back. She still fucks guys now and then. But I love her and she takes care of my needs first. My house is always clean and she's a great cook. And I benefit from what she has learned from fucking so many guys.

    • Same here, I married a girl from a small town. We talked before we got married and she mentioned she had had boyfriend's before me and not to be jealous or hurt if I heard any gossip. When we're out guys our age, (mid-20's) say hi and are always friendly. Sometimes I ask her if that's one of her ex's?, She just smiles and tells me it's not important.

    • Yes my wife is good in bed, she once said that if she hadn’t been fucked by so many guys, I wouldn’t have enjoyed having her so much

    • I married a, what most people would call a slut, she is a pretty girl, lot of fun and very sexual, i'm a chuckold kind of man she will fuck anybody i ask her to and enjoy it, if it has anything to do with sex she loves it. i love to watch her suck a big cock , so far she has done what i ask of her we have an odd marriage but a happy one.

    • Very true

    • This is a good example of why not to marry a slut.

    • I want your cock in my ass email me

    • I want your cock in my mouth and ass

    • You could only know intuitively. Even though try to fuck her as soon as she returns home at night/may be on afternoon - if she declines you got her!! Alternatively, stroke and finger her pussy to see whether it is still puffy and too wet. Smell your finger if possible.

    • Why do you care? Does she harp you on who you fucked? If any one is to be worried about someones sexual past! It would be your wife, because most men will fuck anything!
      Leave it alone and enjoy your marriage!

    • You got that correct

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