My gf dog

There was one time I was on FaceTime with my gf as she was getting out of the shower with nawing but a towel as the open the bathroom door she was walking to her bedroom to put some clothes on and that's when her stepdads dog jumped on her from behind knocking her over and knocking the towel off her and I couldn't do gnawing but watch as my girlfriend was fucked by her stepdads dog after a minute her sister came running and pulled the dog off

3 months ago

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    • You should see the videos of military dogs anally raping Iraqi prisoners at Gardez Prison

    • It was Dear Abby or Ann Landers said she got many letters saying from young ladies had sex with their dog. Some said it was a regular thing. She used to think they were pranks but there so many from different parts of the country saying the same unique way Rover would mount them. And they all worried could they get pregnant? "I'll answer this once, NO." She said.

    • My wife fucked our Great Dane

    • That’s hot as hell!!! Please share details of how the dog fucked her.

    • I want your cock in my mouth and ass

    • I want your cock in my ass email me

    • Your fake bull shit takes the cake! First dogs miss the spot 90% of the time! Second if they hit the spot unless they can knot they pull right back!
      Third if they manage to knot, the person is not gonna like it at all it is very painful and when while that is happening the dog bites down on the neck or back with enough force to break the skin to clamp on!
      You see those videos and someone is guiding the dog in and holding him there or it is a series of quick mounts followed by a lot of walk arounds!
      Stick with watching to porn you suck at writing fake stories!

    • I never said it went it😂

    • He didn't provide enough detail decide how long the dog was on her and I've seen plenty of beastie movies where dogs try for more than just a moment to get knotted.

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