My friends gangbang my cousin

Oh my name's not important but one night I was having a party with 5 of my ole friends that I graduated with from high school we was drinking and sharing ole storys about high school when we heard a knock at the door I went to answer to my surprise it was my cousin Abby 15 I invited her in we walk back to the group I introduce her to them they was really nice to her nicer to her then I thought I wasn't paying attention but as it got later I noticed they was rubbing on her thighs and they kept moving there hands up her thigh about that time I stood up and told them to quit so I made her move over closer to me I guess they didn't like so they say why don't we play a drinking game we finally settled on 3 man I didn't notice they was having me and my cousin drink at around one 1am I was feeling it I look at my cousin and asked would she be ok if I played down for a minute she said she'll be ok so I went to lay down I slept for maybe 2 to 3 hours bc I woke up bc I had to piss I went to the bathroom as I was finishing up I noticed the music was up so I looked out my bedroom window and my friends vehicles and my cousins car was still out there so I was going to check on them to see if they was still drinking as I opened my bedroom door I could see my friends they was all naked two of them was sitting on the love seat while the other two was on the couch as the third one was standing in front of the couch jerking off I stood in the darkest of my room so they couldn't see me as I stood there watching wondering where my cousin was thats when I seen her was when one of the guys that was on the couch blocking my view moved to switch places with another guy she was buck naked on the couch face down in one of my friends lap as another dude grabbed her by the hair and got behind her and began to fuck her as you gangbang my cousin I noticed it was turning me on as I watched I began to jerk off when I was done I went to lay back down a few hours later I hear my friends leave as my cousin comes walking in my bedroom to get to the bathroom as she walked by I squint my eyes so I could still see her but she would think I was asleep so my bathroom has no door as she turned on the light she looked at me I guess fooled her into thinking I was asleep bc she went on to open the cabinet under the sink and as I watched her before she got in the shower she had fun all over her body and dripping down between her legs she had sharpie all over her body with words like cum dumpter and they wrote their names one her ass and breast is it wrong that turned me on I never asked her about that night are my friends and they act like nothing ever happened but they became really good friends after that night

3 months ago

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