Nude Hike

Several years ago, I used to hike through a nearby wooded area in the summer.
One hot, summer day, I walked through the woods and past a logging road, further into the woods, and up a couple trails. There was nobody around, so I stripped down to only my shades and left everything else in my backpack, and hidden it away from view.
I started up a couple trails, while feeling the warm sunlight all over my naked body. Since I was alone, I jerked off while admiring the view around me. I could even see the logging road from afar.
I came, then climbed back down the trails, down to where I hid my clothes. I put my clothes back on, and left for home.

2 months ago

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    • My hot wife Jill and I hiked the AT through 3 states a couple years ago. There are 10 guys for every girl. She gets hit on a lot. Some of the guys are pretty aggressive, haven't been laid in months, mountain air, the exercise. A guy goes by Hillbilly has been after her for days. I though he got ahead of use, good riddance.
      Done for the day we stopped at Lean To. We're the only ones there. We get naked to dry out our sweaty clothing and hang them up dry. No one is here so we have sex. She lays out her mat and naps then. Sweet dreams baby. I go take some pictures from a cliff .25 mile away. I get back and fucking Hillbilly is fucking Jill. I pissed. Hillbilly runs off. Jill said she woke and he started kissing her. I'm always so horny after sex, you know how I like doing it twice. I just let him have his way. I just knew he was going to have me days before. And it happened. Sorry

    • I summer days I often walk down a trekking trail through the wood and bushes and find a suitable place to get covered to strip naked. I then look around to see any movement of people. Lucky enough, I always come across young couple fucking their brains out!! I hide behind a bush frantically masturbating and cum with them ... What a relief!

    • Parked the car in the Game Land parking lot (summer, no hunters around) , striped naked to flip flops, hid clothing in trunk, walked path 1 mile to summit with 30 mile view. There I didn't jerk off but I fucked 2 girlfriends and my wife there, many times -- Plus a few 'this is so awesome' blowjobs. Standing overlooking 3 states while a thankful naked, pretty young lady is on her knees sucking your big dick should be a Powerball prize.

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