Stealing Panties

I am a girl, an adult now. This started when I was young, with my best friend at the time. We were always borrowing each others clothes and stuff, yah know, regular girl stuff. It wasn’t really sexual. I don’t think it is now really, even though I have always been attracted to other girls. I have stolen panties from at least four different girls throughout my life, well five if you count my sister (but that was more like I didn’t do laundry lol).

The thing is, when I take a girl’s panties and wear them, it feels like I get to become them for a day. They were always clean, except for my brother’s best friend’s wife . . .

She left them in the bathroom after a shower and I pocketed them. Yes, I did smell them. They smelled like daisies and sunshine, it was the best thing ever. I was tempted to keep them in a bag so they would smell that way forever, but my guilt got the best of me and I washed them the next day. Those are still my favorite pair. I wish I hadn’t washed them.

I gave a pair of panties to my boyfriend (now ex) once and he mentioned them offhandedly. He told me that two girls who had been listening asked if they could try them on. I got really turned on at the thought and came to the conclusion that yeah, panty swapping is my fetish.

Can any other girls out there relate? Am I a special brand of pervert?

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  • I can relate. I've stolen other girls panties before on a few occasions. When I was in College, I would go to a nearby laundromat to do my clothes on Saturdays. Each time I went, I would bump into the say lady who would be doing her family's laundry. She wasn't very attractive, but her daughter was simply adorable! We would talk about everyday things and became laundromat friends if you will. Eventually, we got to where we would help eachother fold eachothers clothes.
    I found myself drawn to folding her daughter's undies. They were so cute and in a way I would get turned on by folding them knowing that they had been worn by her. No, I'm not a pedo or a freak. It was just very erotic to me. After a few weekends, I began stealing pairs of her little undies. When I would get back to my dome room, I would always try them on. They were a bit small for me, but they would fit very tightly. I started wearing them daily, and even wore them when I would be at the laundromat on Saturdays. There's just something about wearing them that made me fell sexy, but naughty too.

  • You are right pantys are extra special when they have been worn by any girl or women all so turn on for me getting a women in store panty bra section helping you allso knowing she knows that the bra & pantys are for you great

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  • I was the big guy who got picked on by friends. It was mostly meant to be funny. 7 of the gang at the corner pub, 3 girls 4 guys at big round table. It was my job to run for pitchers because I was closest designated bar area for table orders. Next to the area a big nurse sat, still in her nurse garb, would flirt with me. To be nice I flirted back. Back at the table they said I had to "take one for the team" and fuck her. Everyone had to do weird stuff. One girl had to wave at cars going by from the expressway cloverleaf grass at 3AM. Proof, I had to steal her huge panties. Mission accomplished.
    She almost put me in the hospital. That big girl knew how jiggle. FWB for 2 years. For extra credit I dad her take pic of me going down on her. She's laying back, me down on her. My face is obstructed by being up her pussy, but you can tell it's probably me and her.

  • WTF is that supposed be kid? You'r not old enough to drink! You are a big boy alright, a big baby!

  • Do girls like other girls panties ? Never heard of that.

  • They don't first that would be a fast way to get a yeast infection or worse. You only see that in lesbo porn! Second do you hear about males wearing other males underwear especially dirty ones. Maybe if they are crossdressers! This is a sick guy jerking off to your replies!

  • You a guy! So shut up!

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