Anal Freak Wife

My wife has turn into a anal freak all she want is to be ass fucked all the time she has guys coming by the house to fuck her in the ass she has ass fucked all my friends she lets guys DAP her asshole she does atm and is now working her way through the neighborhood she says she wants to do a anal gangbang here lately she has been getting spit roasted. she doesn’t care who sees her and she doesn’t care if I am there or not. What should I do??

3 months ago

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    • My wife and I have had an open marriage for a long time. But when we first got married she wouldn't let me fuck her ass. Pussy and mouth only. Once she started fucking black guys she found out that she loved ass fucking. I think it's hot seeing her asshole gaped open. And after a couple of loads of cum in her ass my cock slides right in . And she let me lick her asshole all I want

    • I want your cock email me

    • Ya gotta admire a girl that go out and get what she want.

    • I have been fucking my wife since she was 14 years old She is now 38 so we have some history together. Up until she was 32 she would never let me fuck her in the ass. Then one day much to my surprise she guided my cock into her ass. After I was done she told me I could enjoy that treat anytime I want as long as you let me play with others. That was the day she told me she has been fucking others on the side for the past 7 years. That ass was so tight how could I turn that deal down. Now I have a three hole slut in the bedroom. Sex in our bedroom is frigging hot just like when she was younger.

    • Goddamn she hot AF!! Nasty bitch just cant even fucken get enough! oh yeah you one lucky mutha fuckaaaaaaaa! I wanna bitch like you fucken got!!!! god fucken damn! how you got that super dirty super bitch? I love that dirty bitch and how she fuck for sure!!! hot fucken hot goddamn! I do really do love that bitch!

    • Just try to enjoy it, I like to have my wife enjoy herself sexually, with or without me, just as long as she tells me all about it

    • Are you too small for her,

    • I’m average, she likes big cocks & it’s fine with me

    • OMMFG!!! I really, really, really, really love the beautiful manner in which you describe her as "working her way through the entire neighbourhood", and trying to put together an "anal gangbang". About 15yrs or so ago, I was dating a woman in her late 40s who lived in a trailer park (I was in my mid-20s, and she did just that, unbeknownst to me, individually, with every man (married or single, black or white) who lived in the park, and then, after she'd fucked them all separately, she held an orgy and fucked them all together (there were about 30 trailers in that park at the time). I didn't find out about any of it until it was all over. Unfortunately, it made me mad and embarrassed me (stupid, stupid pride) and I called her a slut and broke up with her. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I soon after married a "nice girl" my age I met at church, and have regretted it every day since. I should of never let the first one go. Please don't ever let yours go. Not ever. Regret is a super painful thing. And its a pain that never goes away. Hold onto your sweet lady.

    • Enjoy it

    • Does she kiss you with her mouth filled with their cum??

    • You should count your lucky stars that you have a wife who's so wonderfully sensual and adventurous and eager. You have exactly what all men desire, and you should --- you MUST --- let her continue pleasing her men, and yourself! Most wives won't consider giving up the ass . . . . . EVER. you are blessed. Enjoy the shows!!! Particularly the ATMs!! And pray that she becomes even filthier!!If she didn't TRULY love you, she wouldn't allow you to watch!
      Take really good care of that girl!! She is precious and special!!!

    • I try and think that way sometimes others i think about loosing her I do love her getting nasty maybe letting he push he limits is the way to go. I should be use to but I still question myself. Thanks

    • Yes, it's a difficult and steep climb. You certainly COULD lose her, but that is always a possibility in in ANY marriage at ANY time. BUT . . . . .she won't find any one who'll give her the same freedom and the love and the trust to pursue her own personal physical pleasure like you have been. Always remind her how much you love her, especially after each of her marathon multi-partner sessions. Always tell her how good it makes you feel to see her engaged in the more extreme acts (air tight plugging, ATMs, but particularly DAPs), because you know it's like heaven for her. One final word: DO NOT EVER use this as an excuse to fuck other women. Keep yourself ONLY for her ALWAYS, and repeatedly remind her that you're doing so. That way, you're gifting her with a freedom you are denying to yourself. You want her to enjoy numerous relationships, while you have just one: HER! You are a good man and a good husband, and God is blessing you for it!!
      Best wishes!!!!

    • I agreed shes probably not going to leave bcoz shes not going to be treated as well or given the flexibility she get now. She has it all.

    • Join in

    • Yes!! A really great idea!!!

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