I fucked her while someone else saw us but she didn’t know

One warm sunny summers day my wife and I were out for a drive when we both felt a little horny.
Stopping in a wooded area we worked our way through bushes to a clearing that was hidden from sight of anyone.
Soon we got down to it, I had her top up bra off and had just pushed her dress up when I noticed a guy moving closer!
I was alarmed until I saw it was a very old guy.
I carried on kissing my wife’s nipples and as I started to pull her panties down the old guy was only a couple of feet away from us.
I pulled her panties off and the old guy could definitely see her hair fanny as well as her now corkscrew nipples.
I started to finger her and as I did so he unzipped and pulled his cock out and started wanking.
He was well endowed , in fact bigger and thicker than mine!
His cock was now solid.
I dropped my jeans and underpants and moved between my wife’s legs, entered her and started to fuck her while still keeping an eye on the old guy!
The faster I fucked my wife the harder he jerked off.
Then suddenly he spunked everywhere, spurts after spurts of it just a few feet from us.
Then shot my load into her!
As I started to pull out of her he zipped up and moved away.
I never mentioned it to my wife that she had been seen having sex by someone else.
Was a real turn on for me .... maybe I should have let him have fucked her!

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  • 1978 at a drive in movie to see the Graduate. It's a hot summer night and I park away from other cars. My hot wife Emma and I both go topless. The place fills up some and 3 young guys pull up besides us. Emma put your top back on. She says they must be 18 to be here, they'll see tits on the screen and in the car, it's too hot. We're drinking beer and in the 2nd feature I fuck her. They probably can't see us horizontal. Then I have to use the restroom. When I get back naked Emma is kneeling on the front seat and two of the guys are checking her out. The 3rd guy Bobby never saw a naked women, he's back the car getting naked. She agreed to pop his cherry. then we hear SHIT SHIT SHIT -- he came in the condom she gave him he was putting on. I'm like WFT Emma, forget you're married? She said it was a perfect storm. They write books about an older women fucking a cute kid for the first time. I was going to live it. We'd never see them again, so STFU.

  • Love it when my wife was fucked by teenagers

  • Horney women getting fucked welcome a 2nd partner, even that's something they would never plan on doing. Parking with a girlfried a jogger walked to our suv. The tailgait was open, our heads were close to the rear bumper. Naked and fucking her " can i watch" sure she said. Soon he was nanked. Without saying so we assumed the strainger was going in to. When were she was welcoming him. I blocked it, she had no birth control. She pushed me aside and gave him a blowjob. I was young and dumb, broke up with her.

  • Sure my wife would have sucked the old hand opened her legs for him

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • How do you know she didn't know? That might have been her BF following you and watched! He jerked it so you would see she been getting a bigger cock then yours! You might have been getting sloppy seconds enjoy!

  • My wife and I were on vacation and there was a dock at the water at a house we rented. We were out sunning on the dock and my wife started kissing me and put her hand in my bathing suit. I looked around and didn't see anyone around and I pulled my bathing suit off and she did the same. She laid on her back and I got between her legs and fucked her. After I finished we heard clapping and two guys on a boat had come close and had watched us fucking. My wife didn't seemed concerned at all that they had seen her naked and being fucked. She told them that she was happy that we had entertained them.
    They pulled their boat up to the dock and we sat there talking with them obviously liking the view my naked wife provided. They invited us over to their house and we went there for dinner. After dinner my wife said that since they had seen her naked that they should take off their clothes. Then we took off our clothes and my wife asked me if I wanted to be first to fuck her or after they each had her. I told her that I would wait and I watched as both of them fucked my wife one after the other. Then she guided me into her wet sloppy cunt and I quickly came. We spent the night there and the two guys each fucked my wife twice more. In the morning we went out on their boat and once we got away from land my wife took her clothes off and then we all did and spent the day naked. My wife loved being naked with the two guys.

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