I’m a horny slut

I am 18 and I have a boyfriend but I love doing freaky stuff with girls .. Ever since I was like 8 if I got close with my friends we would play with eachothers clits and rub them, and even with some of my cousins . I remember I had a friend in 4th grade and I went to her house and her mom made us do stuff and she made me get naked with my friends brother and take a bath and I liked it a lot . And freshman year I ate my best friends pussy and we scissored and loved it , we both came for each other and it felt so good rubbing them together . Her mom walked in and she didn’t even care and I think it’s hella hot cuz I want her mom to do it with us . Me and my two best friends all play freaky games and it leads to us scissoring, rubbing each other, making out , licking each others pussies and all thattt! We are all super tight and have the wettesttt pussiest ! I love being a slut and playing freaky games. comment back what u think and some games we should play

3 months ago

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    • Why not

    • Way

    • Same fucking kid! First it is each other not eachother fuck my computer auto corrected it two times before it would leave it alone!

      How about shut the fuck up kid! Learn how to spell and stop pretending to be a woman! You sick fucking kids write this fake shit to see who can out do each other! Fucking stupid assholes! You stink up this place real bad!

    • Shut the fuck up.

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