Str8 man in STL looking to sucking big cut cock

I am a str8 white man looking to suck a big cock for the 1st time.

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  • Be careful, and stay safe. You will become a cocksucking addict like me. Lots of men want to be sucked because the wives have given up on sex.
    Sucking cock and tasting the spunk is the best!

  • If you are a man looking for gay sex! There is no fucking way you are straight!

  • Not looking for sex

  • Sucking a cock is sex dumb ass!

  • Plus it is gay!

  • Make sure it's a bbc and they film it so everyone knows what you truly are.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • He is probably sucki g big fat cock instead that's why my wife and I dont have sex a more I like to suck cock more than I like pussy now it's so much better especially when you feel a co m pose and throb when it is about to shoot a thick load of cum down your throat oh yes give it to me b

  • Go get a grinder account! This ain't no dating site asshole!!!

  • Great! Let’s meet at Home Depot then we go to my big truck and you drain my meat

  • Description of u?

  • I’m 53, blue collar construction guy with a body strong from hard work. I’m 6 feet tall, short cropped hair, tanned look and clean shaven. Married 25 years but like guys to suck my cock in my lifted Dodge Ram.

  • Size?

  • 8 inch cock and 6 inch lift kit. I’ll use my strong arms to hold your head down while I cum and gag you. You better take it all so I don’t get cum stains on my leather seats

  • Bull shit 4 inches at best and you have to life your belly up 6inches to get at it!

  • I’m looking for 9+ inch. Also sounds a little too rough for 1st timee

  • I’ll take it easy on you. 5800 cedar lake road

  • Give me a good dose of HIV, HepC, and harpies!

  • Where? Is this in St. Louis ?

  • Yes. Google it. Has a big parking lot

  • Do you have an email?


  • That’s Stl Minnesota not Missouri.

  • Day and time???

  • I waiting there now hurry up and get a good dose of HIV, HepC, and harpies!

  • How about a dose of spelling you first grade dropout...what the fuck is a harpies?

  • Herpes sorry for the mistake but it is not as big of a mistake you are doing!

  • Damn, I would love to suck you as well.

  • Go get a grinder account! This ain't no dating site asshole!

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