Masterbation club

I am a happily married 35 year old woman who lives in a conservative suburb. A friend in my neighborhood invited me to what she called a social club of several woman in the community. It involved nude yoga and getting centered.

Twice a week we get together strip naked do hot yoga and then masterbate in front of each other. There is no kissing but we do help each other to squire. Then we get our clothes back on and go about our business.

3 months ago

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    • My young married tech work partner and I flirted a lot, told dirty jokes and shared bedroom stories -- We had a hard assignment she was weak on, changing a drive on a running computer. She said if did the job she'd let me finger fuck her. I did the job... sweet.

    • Im 52 old man and am part of club of men who share pics and sometimes underwear of our wives to eachother . we meet up in our workshop once a week and to outside world we work on projects but privately upstairs we share stories and pics n uunderwear of our wives . then we all wank about whoever it is on the night . its amazing feeling watching group of men wank as they sniff ur wives panties . and tell u what they love to do to her .

    • An old girlfriend and her best friend would scissors (jeans on) - play tennis then shower, sponge each other from head to toe. She said it was totally different when I did because she'd end up sucking my dick. Watching a movie they slowly scissors for over and hour. Then I fucked her in the bedroom, she was wetter than and otter's pocket.
      I said it was cute what they did. Saying it was fucked up would make her probably stop, and she was always extra yummy after being with her friend.

    • "we do help each other to squire." Is that mean finger each other or what?
      Asking for a friend.

    • That is one of my ultimate fantasy’s!! I’ve always wanted to be part of a masturbation club! Showing everyone how I get off and watching others do the same at the same time. Uggg I’m so insanely jealous right now!

    • It's ok dude get back on your meds.

    • "dude"?

    • Yes that stands for male! Just like the sick guy who wrote this!

    • Don’t listen to this fucking guy! He goes to every post and spreads hate just ignore him he’s a sad pathetic little person.

    • I agree. It sounds like he’s full of hate. I like to read these posts, it’s up to me if I believe them or not. It would be nice to think this one or real, makes me horny.

    • The wind makes you horny DF

    • Dude that was fucking funny...R.H.E.C.

    • Okay, yeah, sure, right, of course.

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