Virgin needing dick

Im straight but i want to take a dick. Several at once preferably. The idea of 5 guys cumming all over me makes my dick so hard. I want someone to show me what a real man is. I need someone to pound my fkn guts out. Treat this sissy faggot like the piece of shit i am. Choke me and give it deep while i beg u to stop. Tell me take it bitch. Take this fkn load deep inside u. Then as ur getting to cum i want u to kiss me while u bury u cock in me as far as u can get it and just hold it there while u pump it deep inyo my guts. Someone plz fuck this virgin slut

2 months ago

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    • It seems to me like you would be really really easy to fall in love with. And like it would be utter joy to fuck your hot guts to jelly. Every time I sprayed your intestines with my spunk, I would always remind you, "I love you . . . AND I love fucking you in your shit!!!"

    • Where do you live?

    • Md u?

    • Queer poofter

    • Oh, good fucking Christ, my dear, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet BABY!!!!!!! You make me weak with longing for you.!!! A man like you could easily find the gang, group or tag-team action you describe in ANY gay bar ANY night of ANY week. BUT . . . . . . . . .

      You should be thinking about your future and parlaying your desires into permanent security and love. With the AMAZING sex-hunger you have, you should be looking for a wealthy married man whose homosexuality is still a deep dark secret, and become his permanent gay bitch-mistress and his gay arm-candy, serving as his entre into the world of gay high society. That would entitle you to --- something I know you've heard of --- the FIVE C's of gay bitch-mistress life: car, clothes, condo, credit-cards and cash. If you stay with him, without cheating, for two full years (or whatever the negotiated term is: usually, the longer your dick, the shorter the term), that ALL becomes yours. OR if you turn eighteen before the two years expires, then you get everything in full ownership on your 18th birthday. If you lived near me, I would love you and provide for you that way. You are a perfect man with perfect attitudes. Please don't waste your entire future on a night or two of diverting debauchery. Go get you a closeted pervert with a lotta money . . . . .and make each other nasty-happy. I really wish you all the best, darling.

    • That would be heavenly............

    • Aw FUCK YAH!!!!!!!! Where can I sign up!!

    • I'm 24 but wish I could get a sponsor like this!

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