Wife as a sex slave

My wife was asked to be a sex slave for a month and she agreed. At a convention a wealthy man flirted with my wife then surprised her by telling her he would pay her a year's salary in cash if she would be his sex slave for a month. The first time he asked she laughed. Then we talked that night on the phone and maaterbated to the idea of her giving herself to him.

The next day he came by again and gave her more details, he would pay upfront. She would be nude for him but he would pamper her. She told him she would think about it. That night we had video phone sex masterbating to the idea.

The next day he asked her if she would be willing to get a tattoo or two and piercings. He showed her on her back and butt. Then he surprised her by saying he knew she hadn't agreed but if she was thinking about it would she go into the back if the booth and take off her bra and panties and then come out and give her panties to him.

The next day was the last day and when it ended he came by. He asked if she was ready and she said yes. He gave her a choler collar and she put it on. They went to his limo and before they got on he told her to strip and throw her clothes kn the trash.

My wife was gone three months and each month I received 120k. On the four month my wife was visibly pregnancy and nude standing at the door with her toes and clit pierced and her back covered in tatttoos.

2 months ago


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    • Send me a picture of your sexy wife. Jerrybob1221@yahoo.com

    • My wife was going to accompany her boss to a convention and he asked her if she would entertain clients for him. He said that just being nice was her job but she could make a lot of money if she was willing to have sex with them. After sex with me the day before she was leaving she told me what her boss wanted her to do. My immediate reaction was for her to quit her job and never see her boss again. She told me that the additional money would allow us to get the new car that we really needed and we could go on a vacation to Florida. I agreed that the money would be useful but I also was getting aroused at the thought of other men having sex with my shy good girl wife. We both had been virgins on our wedding night and I was sure that she hadn't had sex with anyone else in the year that we had been married.
      I gave her my permission to have sex with the clients. During that first convention my wife had sex with four men. In addition to getting between her legs they also had anal sex with her, a place that I her husband had never been. I think that someone being the first in her rear upset me more than the men fucking her cunt although being the fifth in her ass felt great. Over the next two years that she worked for this boss, she had sex with over fifty clients and made over $100,000 in bonuses.

    • My boss asked me the same thing, but I wasn’t too keen on the idea and I don’t know why I just blurted out I’d rather just have sex with you. It’s a small company, maybe about 40 employees, and I am the youngest. But til this day I’m still sleeping with the boss and getting a bonus to bring home

    • My marriage got a lot better once my wife opened her legs and ass for other men. Lucky you.

    • I bet she will get used by him again

    • That's kinda extreme. A few years ago a guy paid my wife to go to Jamaica for a month. He used her as a slut. He would fuck her twice a day. End had the island men fucking her at night. He would sit in a chair and watch black jamaican guys fucking her. She told me that it wasn't all that bad. When it was all over he paid her 3000 dollars. Not bad for a months work. Plus she came home with a nice tan.

    • She should have gotten $30,000

    • Idk man 3000 a month isn't alot, my wife was paid 2500 for a day.. I mean she was clearly and right away obviously and visually
      used hard by a group of guys

    • That is super hot. I would've for my wife to be doing that.

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