My boyfriend is my dream sex partner

I love having sex with my boyfriend as he is handsome (he looks like a movie star) he's super fit with big muscles and toned body and beautiful cock which I have lovingly sucking these days. I came into his house last night and proceeded to sit down thinking we would talk a while about our days. He suggested we kiss a while. In barely a min. he said, "Want to go lie down and kiss?" I thought he needs to put his cum in the back of my pussy and when we got up I saw his stiff cock in his pants. We fucked and he cums hard like the savage Indian he sounds like, but he's not Indian. I love his desire for me, I love him to fuck me and release his load. After our walk at the beach/dinner we came back to his place where we started to fuck. He stopped, went down and licked my clit so sweetly; and I pleasured myself too and when I came he got a big smile because I look into his eyes when I start cumming and it gives him happiness to see me cum. That he enjoys me having as much pleasure as him makes me feel so happy because he's showing his care and love for me. He got hard and fucked me again, but this time he rubbed against my freshly pleasured clit, his cock got rock hard and I started cumming again saying, "Fuck, oh fuck." That's what I say when I cum. He came hard with a huge stiff cock. I love his cum mixed with my cum. In the a.m. I asked him sweetly, 'Honey do you need to cum? He pulled his underwear off and his dick was rock hard. I was surprised he was waiting to be asked as I would have just plowed my woman's pussy if she was as sweet and accommodating as I am to him. I love this man with all my being. I hope he never leaves me as it is so hard for me to be attracted to a man because I am a beautiful, and sexy woman so my man has to be a match to me, or I can't be sexually attracted to him. It's rare for me to be attracted to a man, so I am happy he found me/and I have him now.

3 months ago

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    • I like fucking him too, he bottoms and takes my man meat deep

    • Well, your fantasizing as he's never been into men. Not all men are easy fucks and have no standards as some seem to. We're both straight and both of us have never had sex with our own sex. We're both completely heterosexual and happy this way.

    • He’s getting cock on the know it. Now go eat some pussy

    • Good for you! It’s amazing to find someone who is in love with you AND your body and returns that love equally!! I’m definitely a bit jealous! I love my wife more than anything in the world but our sex drives are on completely different levels. I’m extremely open, sexual, and curious about different sexual desires and fantasy’s and she isn’t. Nothing wrong with it it can just be frustrating sometimes cause we don’t fully connect that way. You keep doing you and be happy!! I’m happy for you guys!

    • You are so nice, thank you for being happy for us! I hope you can persuade your wife to indulge you in your fantasies. In fact, my boyfriend asked me the other night if I had any fantasies that I want to fulfill with him. At first I said no I feel satisfied with all we have. Now, one has come to mind, but it's just with him. I don't need someone else in our bed to make me happier or more satisfied. We are both into each other and it is the best feeling in the world. I hope you find that happiness too!

    • Do you fantasize about cock? All married men do. I love to fuck married dads and grandpas, send them home to their wife with a sore ass and red nipples, and my cum all up in there.

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