Fuck Alonzo Lerone's Stupid Ass

This stupid Nigger on Youtube really pisses me off, he finds it funny to stalk the entire internet, doxxing people's facebook and twitter accounts just to ridicule them over stuff.

First of all what people post on facebook is none of your fucking business. What people write on facebook should be shared between friends yet you go and stalk for people's facebook accounts just to humiliate them, and worse expose their actual names and faces, you are a sick fuck and you want to laugh about something, i'm suprised your dumbass hasn't been shot yet since you find exposing people's personal information amusing to you.

Your dumbass won't be laughing once you piss off the wrong person and they beat the goddamn shit out of your stupid ass.

You keep a dictionary just to embarrass and humiliate your victims, how about someone take that dictionary and beat you upside your head with it and fuck your stupid looking face as well and we'll be seeing who's laughing now once your dumbass gets the fuck beaten out of you or better yet you get shot. Your Dumbass needs to be put in jail over how you find a sick pleasure in cyberbullying people and doxxing their facebook and twitter accounts and that you milk your own youtube series just to create a profit out of humiliating others, I can't wait for karma to bitchslap you right in your stupid face and that you lose your internet privileges too, you sick fuck.

Alonzo Lerone is one Black Life that Doesn't Matter and I would love to see his stupid ass die.



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  • You dumb dough boy

  • WOW!!! Why don’t you move back to Alabama, move back into your moms trailer park and fuck your sister some more you hateful racist piece of fucking trash!!

  • He can't move back Mom kicked his racist ass out! And he got no sister! Just a lonely sick fuck on the verge of suicide!

    Dude get help before you go on a mass shooting!

  • Amen to that!! Fuck this guys!!

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