Should I have walked away after fucking her

When I met my wife to be, she was beautiful, blonde and she gave me the eye.
She agreed to a date, and ended up marrying her.
Many years later I met a guy who I hadn’t seen for years.
We chatted and I told him I was married, he asked who and when I told him her name he smiled and I asked him why he was smiling... he didn’t want to say anything , but I insisted and eventually he told me about her!
Before me she had put it about, several local guys had had her.
He said he had also enjoyed her!
Apparently when I met her, she was being fucked by a teenager and another guy who was the same age as her!
Both were calling round at her place and having sex with her on a regular basis.
Maybe I should have got my end away( I did on the second date) and walked away like obviously all her other lovers did once they had her !
He said he alone knew of at least 8 that she had been to bed with!

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  • My wife had several lovers before me and I really liked that she was experienced. I still call her my previously enjoyed woman. She was much better at sex and liked it more than other less experienced girls that I had been with.

  • Yes it is better when they have put it about before you

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Damn, she seem hot AF!! You super lucky, dude! She still tricking?

  • Not much these days

  • Sorry to hear that! I hope she gets that old itch again soon, and will feel comfortable letting you know when (and where) she goes out to get it scratched. I still think you're one of the luckiest men alive!!! And in am still so jealous!!!

  • Hey you were right.
    I didn’t know until we rowed last night.
    She scratched that itch a month before my post!
    Ex lover had her again.

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