Mother In Law’s Pussy

I finally had a taste of my mother in law’s sweet pussy. The heat has been building up for some time. All the flirting, light touching, sexy glares, and teasing advances... I had big hopes for the weekend and decided I would take advantages of any opportunities to make some progress. I can barely handle being in a room with her anymore... I get so hot and excited. Her sexy eyes... Her long beautiful graying hair... her long legs that matches her dangling fingers... so well kept and soft. I can’t help but stare at her lips... her earlobes... I can’t help but breathe in her sweet smell. The desire pushing me forward... l knew I had a couple days with her staying here... I would have to be cautious... but could maneuver my way around the family to spend some time with her. I figured I’ve waited this long... all the massages... hand holding... awkward kisses .... any time is good time spent chipping away at the prize. I made sure to be well stocked in wine, smiles, and compliments. I was very excited to leave work on the day of her arrival. The anticipation of knowing I had a few hours that held a chance of sharing a few moments alone as the kids would be playing and my wife working. I rushed home to lay on my early impressions. Storming in the door with a bit of haste and relief of the work day... we shared a quick hug and kiss in the cheek. I told her to hang tight... I was going to work out and have a quick shower... and then I’d catch up with her... she smiled with content... she always compliments me for taking care of myself and I’m sure it turns her on when I’m pumped up from a good lifting session... so I thought I’d lay that on right away... it was hard not to just sit down with her as we’ve both been messaging back and forth about how excited we are to see each other... but I love when she tells me I’m hot and squeezes my arm... or shoulders... so I gave 200%... cleaned up and made sure my cock was pumped up and displayed for temptation... (my MIL has a hard time keeping he eyes off my bulge... But I’ve also made sure to entice her over the years, letting it hang out the side of my underwear in mornings where we’ve been around each other). Time to open some wine and start the convo... we sat beside each other on the sofa... playing our usual chat with light touching... her grabbing my hand in times of excitement... or grabbing my thigh. The seductive smiles... god I was already so excited... we shared a bottle and my wife can home... we had a nice dinner ... after we sat around the table... my mother in law’s eyes glued on my girth in my pants... which made my hard... which she noticed... this went on for 2 hours... not much on day one... but desire was thick in the air... I never understand how my wife is ok with the apparent awkward moments. We had a fabulous evening. I had to work in the morning... next day, same drill... rush home, pump muscles, pump cock... go hang out with mom... crack a bottle... very nice wine tonight... no work tomorrow... tell myself to take charge, take chances... but be careful... mother in law’s nature is to be in control... and since I’ve learnt that, things have rolled smoothly. So all the same kind of flirting is going on... but as I’m bringing bbq in from outside my mother in law turns around and places her hand right on my cock and squeezes it... my wife standing in the background... my mil says ‘oops, I almost touched his dick!’ She gives me a devilish smile... I can’t believe she pulled a stunt like that in front of her daughter! And of course, I melted. As the frustration as been.. it’s hard to get anywhere with no real alone time... Thursday night was another fabulous night filled with flirting, smiles, occasional soft touching... and the cock squeeze... I went to bed very horny... I had a hard time sleeping... thinking about that woman. I wanted to raid the guest room and Fuck her like a beast. But so impossible without getting caught. I would have to be creative and work within boundaries if anything were to be snuck. I decided an early morning workout beside the room she’s staying in would allow for some opportunity. So I headed down nice and early... I made sure to make some good grueling noises... in hopes that she’d hear. I finished up but couldn’t keep her off my mind... I couldn’t help but pull my cock out and stroke it outside her door... whispering her name ... hoping she might open and catch me being naughty... but she did drink a bit of wine the night before... and didn’t wake until a bit later... although I know she was at least listening at one point as she said it sounded like I was doing quite an intense exercise... my cock was now leaking constantly due to the excitement over the last couple days... I was dying to fuck. At one point threw the morning I headed downstairs to grab some more wine from the cellar. I passed the guest room and noticed my MIL’s panties stacked on top her clothes... Now I’ve done it a few times before... but not in a while... and I couldn’t help myself... I went over... picked them up and sniffed them right on the pussy patch. My god! I ate a lot of pussy growing up... and let me tell you... nothing smells better than this woman’s pussy. It is like a fine tea that you can’t help to keep sniffing to enjoy the many sweet pleasing aromas. I left that room 3 times and had to go back for more... sniffing and licking her cloth... the third time I didn’t hear the steps creep... busted red handed by my mother in law... putting her panties back. I quickly grabbed the pile of clothes... ‘I was doing laundry... Can I wash these clothes for you?’ I asked with an obvious blush to my face. She smiled and winked.. ‘that would be great sweetie!’ I took a gasp an rounded things up... her looking at me with awe. I didn’t know if I fucked up or not... I went upstairs to clear my head. My wife decided to take the kids for nap. Leaving the 2 of us alone. My MIL asked me if I wanted to watch a movie with her while the others slept. Really? Of course! The first bit of the movie we lightly chatted... she picked the movie and it was a tear jerker... by the middle of the movie she was crying... and I placed hand in her back to rub it... she grabbed my other hand and held it... minute by minute we pulled each other tighter. To the point where I had both arms wrapped around her from behind... locked... my chin nudged into her neck... my hands placed on her stomach... rubbing her right above her pants ... squeezing her in my arms... I started moaning a bit... she started moaning more... I placed my lips on her neck... and started kissing... behind her ear along her neck, down her shoulder... my fingers reaching down her pants slowly... longing for her pussy... the smell of her panties lingering in my nostrils... right then she says ‘I know you were jacking off out my door, and I caught you with your face in my panties’ I just smiled and said... ‘what can I say mom, I want you!’ Without hesitation she grabbed my head and pushed me down... YES! I couldn’t wait to taste her. I slid her pants off... and took a noticeable whiff as I came back up... ‘do you like the smell of my panties?’ She asked... ‘I like the smell of your pussy’ I replied. I took one long swipe of her slit and clit with my tongue... ‘Mmm, and it tastes even better!’ Before I knew it my tongue was penetrating in and out of her perfectly pink pussy... I spread her lips and brushed away her bush to lick and suck her clit with conviction... she was dripping on to the chair as I did my best to clean it up to leave to trace... and I just wanted every bit of her in my mouth. She smelt and tasted amazing. I could eat her out all day and night! Sticking my tongue in as deep as I could and sucking hard as I pulled it out... I pulled her pants further down and turned her around, bent her over the chair and started to lick her asshole... starting with light little circles... and then piercing it with the tip... I couldn’t believe this woman’s smell and taste...the kind you just want to take a bite out of... I could tell she enjoyed my rimming... but I could also tell this was a first for her... so I went back to her Pussy... which was now full of her cum... spread all over her bush... gushing like she hadn’t been fucked for years... I was so hard... she now had her hands in my shorts... tugging them down... stroking my cock in her hands... I had pictured this so many times... and now I was feeling her work her fingers on my throbbing cock. She grabbed it with one him first as she grabbed one ass cheek with the other... and opened her mouth... when we could her the door down the hallway open up... I flipped my dick back in my pants and my MIL pulled her leggings up. My wife came down the hall as I turned around and grabbed a drink of water... ‘good nap?’ I asked. ‘Yeah... what time is it?’ She asked. ‘4:30’ her mom replied. ‘What’s that in your face?’ My wife asked me... I could only assume it was her mother’s cum all over my cheeks and chin. ‘I coughed up a bit of water’ I said. At that moment I noticed my MIL’s crotch was soaked in her pants. ‘I’m going for a shower before dinner if that’s ok?’ She said to my wife as she winked at me... we had little time alone again before she left.... but I enjoyed every minute of her visit and loved hearing her tell her daughter numerous times ‘ that was such a good movie and hug... no one’s ever hugged me like that before’...
I was left with mad blue balls. Good thing her daughter fucks and sucks so good... but I can’t wait until we meet up again. And I can’t get that scent off my mind. I love my MIL.

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    • One Time I was having Lunch at Burger King and then in comes a group of Midgets carrying their King who was wearing nothing but a Robe and the Burger King Crown, holding a Scepter and his Throne was a Toilet.

      The King was also barefoot and he had what looked like his underwear around his ankles and oh my god the moment this asshole came in I couldn't tell what smelled worse his feet or the shit he was taking in the restaurant as I can see everyone in the restaurant either laughing or groaning in disgust seeing a grown man sitting on the toilet in a restaurant wearing only a Crown, Robe, and his Underwear.

      Then King Feet got off his Porcelain Throne without wiping his own ass and pulled up his underwear; dear God help us if anyone saw his Penis. He then stuck his barefoot in the toilet and everyone in the restaurant was showing disgust as Burger King employees began yelling at King Feet and his Court Jesters to get the Hell out of Burger King as they were violating Health Violations.

      Then King Feet took his foot out of the Toilet and began to Smell His shit covered Fucking Feet in the middle of the damn restaurant as other diners were really getting sickened.

      Then the Midgets carried King Feet over to my Table and then King Feet snatched my Whopper, put his foot in my whopper and started sucking his toes on my whopper.

      I was so mad I hit King Feet with my Drink and took his scepter and whacked him and caused him too fall off his toilet throne smashing it to the ground leaving turds and broken toilet shards on the floor of Burger King as Burger King staff came to drag this half naked King out of Burger King.

      My day was officially Ruined but Ding Dong the Burger King is Dead.

    • Because incest is wrong in society period.
      Adults having sex has resulted in unplanned pregnancies! And that would extend to incest couples! With over a 42% birth defect rate in direct incest like brother, sister and sibling and parental or grand parents that is unacceptable!
      Human beings have an anti-incest mechanisms by instinct programed into us. It is known as the Yuck factor and it is an instinct period.
      Because of that most of society will not tolerate incest happening around us. Like seeing brother and sister holding hands or acting as a couple around us.
      The odds of both incest partners defeating the yuck factor simultaneously are greater then winning the lotto. So there is always a perpetrator and a victim! The victim may give in after a time and accept it, but would have never had incest if it wasn't for the perpetrator!
      Even when the victim gives in, they as well as the perpetrator may and has experienced regret from incest! The severity of that regret can and has led to suicide and murder! People that have experienced incest can and have experienced mental issues from mild too severe that requires extensive treatment and suffer PTSD for the rest of their lives. That goes for the perpetrator as well as the victim.
      A part of that regret is being shunned by family and friends when caught!
      Research has shown that incest is a very hazardous situation to get into! As the cost of incest with loss of human life as unexceptionable! It has also shown that over 97% of incest the victim is an underage child because children are easier to control and have incest sex with.
      There is many more reasons but I would need a large book to put it all into.
      Those are real facts based on research and arrests for incest.

    • Once you are into incest sex, you are always with it!

    • The same goes for mental patients! Once a nut job always a nut job! Just like incest lovers they can't be cured!

    • Yes pound her🤗

    • Shut up incest lover bitch asshole

    • Bullshit as hell shut up you lonely pig

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