Finally fucked my mother

I have read many stories on this site about incest.
If you want a true story here is one.
In the early seventies my father died.
Weeks later my mother started drinking most nights, and it got worse!
I used to have to help her to get into bed.
On one occasion after I had helped her upstairs and onto the bed I helped her get undressed.
Previously helping her I had seen her breasts a couple of times, but looked away.
But one night it was different, again helped her get undressed, but she was totally out of it.
I took her tights off but her panties were to one side and I could see a bit of black pubic hair!
For some reason I got stirred.. I removed her panties for the first time...
I looked at my mothers black pubic hair.. , I started to dismiss it when she murmured and one of her legs moved and I saw a pink opening in the black mass!
I was so hard, I went to my bedroom next door , found a durex in my draw and dashed back.
I dropped my jeans and underpants and rolled on the durex.
Opened my mothers legs and moved between them!
I entered her and she moaned a little as I forced my penis into her!
I fucked her for a while before I came!
I covered her up after I had finished.. she never knew what had happened.

2 months ago

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    • One Time I was having Lunch at Burger King and then in comes a group of Midgets carrying their King who was wearing nothing but a Robe and the Burger King Crown, holding a Scepter and his Throne was a Toilet.

      The King was also barefoot and he had what looked like his underwear around his ankles and oh my god the moment this asshole came in I couldn't tell what smelled worse his feet or the shit he was taking in the restaurant as I can see everyone in the restaurant either laughing or groaning in disgust seeing a grown man sitting on the toilet in a restaurant wearing only a Crown, Robe, and his Underwear.

      Then King Feet got off his Porcelain Throne without wiping his own ass and pulled up his underwear; dear God help us if anyone saw his Penis. He then stuck his barefoot in the toilet and everyone in the restaurant was showing disgust as Burger King employees began yelling at King Feet and his Court Jesters to get the Hell out of Burger King as they were violating Health Violations.

      Then King Feet took his foot out of the Toilet and began to Smell His shit covered Fucking Feet in the middle of the damn restaurant as other diners were really getting sickened.

      Then the Midgets carried King Feet over to my Table and then King Feet snatched my Whopper, put his foot in my whopper and started sucking his toes on my whopper.

      I was so mad I hit King Feet with my Drink and took his scepter and whacked him and caused him too fall off his toilet throne smashing it to the ground leaving turds and broken toilet shards on the floor of Burger King as Burger King staff came to drag this half naked King out of Burger King.

      My day was officially Ruined but Ding Dong the Burger King is Dead.

    • Wow great story tell me more please

    • And the Mighty anti incest warrior jumps into the fight, good on you warrior defender of decency

    • Sick

    • BWAHAHAHA.... and he strikes again LOL

    • Yup damn right I did that won't stop until there are no more incest or pedophilia posts here!

    • The Mighty anti incest warrior speaks to ensure that he will will never cease his fight, defender of decency your a great person and our hero.

    • Are you a victim or product if incest? I’m just wondering why you have such an obsession with it. And also where you find the time to constantly be posting on here. Don’t get me wrong I’m in no way pro incest!! I was continually molested and raped as a child (terrible babysitters) but I got help and it’s just a memory now. I don’t obsess over it anymore. Maybe seek something out if you’re suffering.

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