Do women like shaved or unshaved hair around the cock?

My wife doesn’t tell me and am planning to by a razor for my balls

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  • I had an operation. They gave a pill to make me feel giddy before they really put me under. They brought in Miss Dec to shave me from neck to knees. I was sure she was prepping me for a blowjob. You know how they don't like hair in the mouth. She had a big red blowjob mouth. I got a boner like cuecumber. So i said you want to suck my bad boy, don't you. She said I'll forgive you because we have you drunker that a saylor on leave, but yes your clean shaved manhood does look inviting, but it's against the rules to give you a blowjob. and she rubbed an antiseptic over my dick way too long. God bless she said, meaning good luck with the operation.

  • My gf likes cropped-hair cock so that it rubs aganst her clit while fucking her missionary.

  • My wife will only fuck a guy that's shaved clean. She loves kissing and sucking on balls. She even has me shave my ass hole. Her boyfriend's are always smooth. She says that if a guy wants her to suck his cock it better then smooth. Her pussy is smooth as a baby. I have never seen hair on her pussy.

  • I had a major operation and a total babe shaved every hair around my dick. She rubed antibacterial loction all over, that's when i got a major boner. She didn't say a word, it was like a handjob. She finished that part quick, just said boner is normal, so don't feel embarrassed. After i recoverd the sex was like way better. My wife took the electricity razor trimmed me for 6 months. But lost interest and let it grow.

  • Like that is believable! What you can't shave yourself. Because if you can you are given a razor and told to shave your own privates or told to do it the day before your surgery. If you can't then they do it while you are knocked out in the OR. Also anything sexual is the last thing someone having a major surgery would be thinking about!

  • I shave my dick and balls. My wife notices but has never said anything about it. She doesn't shave but it doesn't stop me from having oral sex with her.

  • Licked my first pussy 1968. Love that hairy hair pie. The only trimming came in summer, I'd cut off the hair that came outside her bikini. Bet i licked 30 more like that. 2 years ago had a fling with a way younger lady at the gym. OMG not a speck of hair. She had to get my face off her pussy after she came 5x. Then i stuck my dick in her fun hole..

  • Definitely shaved! I go fully bald all around. It feels so much cleaner and sex is better bare skin on bare skin.

  • Definitely shaved. It’s the same as when my husband orally pleasures me and I see him picking hair out of his mouth. Not good.
    We both shave.

  • Shaved bald it the best isn’t it!!

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Shaved!!!! I don’t like to floss while I am down there

  • Different women like different things.

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