Horny Old Camping Cougar

I never imagined getting seduced while camping. I camp a lot and meet a lot of good of friendly campers. One weekend I decided to camp at my favorite campsite. I helped this elderly lady get her camper set up. She was friendly and thanked me. We got to chat about each other and said it's more better being with someone while camping.
That evening while I was sitting near my campfire she offered me some extra food that she cooked to thank me for my help. I began to eye her. She wasn't someone you try to hit on for sexual pleasure. Probably she had a nice sexy body when younger. She was a bit heavyset with a belly that her big breast rested on. I offered her a wine cooler. As we chatted I couldn't help staring at the size of her tits. She began to poke the fire making those tits shake. She saw me peeking at her breasts and smiled. I went into the camper to get her another wine cooler. When I stepped out she had one tit out and playing with it with one of her hand.
"Hope I'm turning you on because I need to get laid. I need some sex!" she admitted. "I get horny now and then while camping." as she started sucking that tit. She pulled me into my camper and fed me her oversize tit. "Nurse me! Suck it good babe!" she blurted out as she played with my dick. She exposed her other tit to me and told me to be rough with her. I pushed her breasts into her face and worked my mouth down between her legs. "Oh yes!" as she held my head.
"Please this old fat bitch good!" she yelled out. "I know you're horny and you want to get off!" She began sucking on the nipples at the tip of her tits while I pounded her wet snatch good and hard. I enjoyed her dirty talk while we screwed around. I filled her vagina really good and she played with my cream pie.
She suggested to me to take naughty pics of her the next day on the hiking trail and then abuse her in her camper covering her breasts with my sperm so she could rub it on her tits and belly while she talks nasty being an ugly slut for me.

3 months ago

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    • Sounds like my wife

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