Wife fucked her friend

Wife had a female friend over last night. They wanted to watch a movie. The three of us were in the living room. I was in my chair. They sat on the couch. I was making drinks and we all had a few. Wife's friend pulled out edibles. I can't have that due to work doing random drug screens. Wife and her friend did.

So about a half hour later I see that her friend is sitting at the end of the couch. One leg in line with the back of the couch and the other on the floor. Wife was sitting with her back against her friends front. Kind of snuggling. No big deal. Then I see them kiss on the lips. My wife, jessica, says to her friend lois, "I love you. Ur my best friend." Lois says, "Aw, thanks. I love you too girl." My wife kisses her. Just a peck on the lips. Then again. Then again. Then they start swapping tongues. I say, "What's going on over there?" Jess says, "Just kissing. No big deal. You like it?" I said, "Can't say I don't like seeing you guys making out."

I start paying attention to the movie. Jess turns over. Lois slides down. Jess is on top of her. They continue to make out. Then I hear Jess say, "All this kissing is making me a bit horny." Lois said, "We can take care of that." Jess said, "I'm not a lesbian." Lois said, "Don't have to be besides, have you even tried?" Jess said, "Nope. Hey honey. Would you be ok with Lois and I having sex?" I said, "For real?" Jess said, "You can watch." I said, "Sure. Go ahead."

Jess pulled Lois pants off and started eating her pussy. Next thing I know, they are both naked and 69ing on the couch. They went to bed together. I woke up just now in the chair. They are still in bed together. Not still having sex but still naked together sleeping.

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