Now that she's 19...hi!

I first saw her in a club when she was 16, there with a chaperone, and playing an open mike. I fell in love right then and there, along with a mob of boys. But I knew I could win out over them.

But I had to wait. She needed to turn 18. She eventually did, but on the way, oh, my dear lord, the hormones took over and she ripened beautifully, up top and down below, I mean she developed a figure from heaven.

Now she is 19 and in my life, in my house, we spend time together, we are friends. She smiles when she sees me coming down the block. She cuts my hair in my house, and when she stands inches from my body, her little belly going in and out with each breath, and feeling the heat and the energy of K, well...I am the happiest 54-year-old man on the planet.

That's pretty much it. God bless you, K!

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  • As long as you have a wallet full of cash and credit cards, she will always be there for you!

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