Fuck Fat Acceptance

I am so angry at how we are all supposed to be nice to Fat People all because of the Fat Acceptance bullshit created by the Fucktarded Woke Community. I will never accept Fat People because they disgust me and after reading the rants about Fat People on this site all of the things said about Fat People are true. Fat people are nothing but Fat Disgusting Slobs who don't deserve to be accepted.

Really you think it's acceptable to be a fat loser who eats all the fucking time and won't get laid? Hell no I wouldn't feel proud I would be embarrassed as fuck if I looked like a Fucking Planet.

Oh yeah let's all accept more of these fat fucks who thinks it's ok to hog the motorized scooters at Walmart because their fatasses are too fucking lazy to walk instead of letting some crippled old man use them. Yeah I bet he feels like Fat People should accept who they are when their fat lazy asses are riding around in Motorized Scooters, nearly running over shoppers, and have bad attitudes all because they are a bunch of fat disgusting slobs who should be fucking ashamed of themselves.Also another thing that pisses me off about these Fat People rants is seeing Fat Fucks call skinny people skinny, and here's my question to all of you fat fuck apologists, how do you defend and say being fat is acceptable when some fat disgusting slob calls skinny people skinny and get butthurt when they get called fat? If some Fat Fuck calls me Skinny i'll call them a fat disgusting slob and if they want to attack me i'll fight them, i'll punch these fat fucks in their fat faces. Yeah Too lazy to walk the aisles but you want to fight me for calling you fat because it's probably the only time in your miserable lives that you'll get any exercise.

Fuck the Fat Acceptance Movement, Fat People shouldn't accept how they look, they should all feel embarrassed and they should all go on a fucking diet.

4 months ago

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    • Well for your information I'm the lady who wrote the story in this section called "Embarrassing flappy excess skin" you don't know about my amazing weight loss journey. I'm all the way down to 455 lbs now and I'm left with flappy excess skin. Yes it may look gross and wobbly but it shows off my amazing weight loss. Fat women can be sexy as well and it's us bigger girls that have huge all natural boobs

    • This probably isn't not PC either but try fucking a big girl. She will blow your mind. I thought I hit the jackpot with my rumbenesque ++ FWB. Her fuck hormones are on steroids. Now I have 3 crazy big FWB. I was so beat after one was done with me I almost went to the ER. I was just too embarrassed to tell them some big girl really had her way with me. Once our cheap motel manager knocked on the door, is everything alright in there? Judy: we're fucking, not fighting. sorry.
      About a year later she told me he hit on her.

    • Wow your a fucking asshole! What about people with hormonal imbalances or pituitary gland problems that make them gain weight no matter what they do? Your a small minded angry little person. Just the fuck out of here with your hate rant. And from all of us at naughty posts we can say please for the love of god don’t come back.

    • Why the rant? They have much shorter life spans than us skinny folks

    • You must be fat

    • He’s totally fat! Just needing to bitch about his terrible self esteem

    • Well, don't you sound like an asshole.

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