Two fucking wife

I didn’t know it at the time, but when I started going out with my girlfriend who later became my wife she was having regular sex with two guys.
Obviously at arranged days in the week so they didn’t bump into each other!
Told me at the time they were past relationships... but several years into our marriage admitted that she had been fucked by both of them the week before and one the day before we met!
So when I fucked get on our first date his seamen was probably still inside her.
Would I have married her if I had known that? I don’t know!

2 months ago


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    • My wife is insatable, I can sometimes manage twice but after she is still up for more. She told me that in college she had several gangbangs, sometimes just two guys but one time with four.
      She said she always felt "complete" after she did that.
      I took her to the Doctor, but she began to orgasm as soon as he was touching her and he instantly stopped. That Doctor refused to see her any more.
      We finally got some meds which help a little bit, but it was still a problem. If she wear slack too tight, she will sometimes orgasm walking into a store.
      Yes, several times she has cheated and that is unsafe, so now I let her have men over and they use condoms.
      It takes the edge off, at least she doesn't take off with lord knows who and gone all night.

    • I encouraged my wife just about as soon as we were married that i would like for her to continue fucking guys that she had dated in the past,she didn't understand why i would want her to do that. i didn't quite understand either but it had to do with one day i would like to do a threesome with another guy, it took about 2 years to make it happen, she was very reluctant but she loved to fuck so i knew she would love it, and she did. my wife and i are both bisexual she loved to watch me suck a cock and i love watch her kissing and sucking pussy, we have done this very secretivly for many years with no regrets she is a fine wife and sex partner

    • My wife was still having sex with a boyfriend when we started dating. For about a month she wouldn't have sex with me but still did with her boyfriend. The first time that I had sex with her she told me that she had been fucked four hours earlier. I had never been harder when she guided me into her and I loved being able to go balls deep on the first push. She said that she would stop having sex with him but I told her to continue. When I asked her to marry me she was still fucking him. She wanted to stop but I told her that I wanted her to keep fucking him.

    • Isn’t it a great turn on knowing other guys cocks have been there before yours.

    • Zoe my hot HS girlfriend (cheerleader, state #3 swim team, D cups slow her down) -- Pop her cherry senior year. Scared of getting knocked up, mostly blowjobs. Summer after college junior year she's on BC, gave up swimming, took up fucking full time. Talking about marriage. We go on a long July hike. It's hot, we stink, we fuck, we're hairy . We stop for the night at a Lean-To. She gets naked to hang her stinking clothing out to dry. We're the only ones there and she has a towel she can cover up with. Nudity at these place is pretty common. I go take sunset pictures, she snoozes. I get back early. I run out of film (1995) - This guy Bob we met 2 days ago is fucking Zoe like a Dollar Night whore. Zoe says he hadn't been laid in 3 months. She says get over it, mercy fuck, felt obligated after he caught her sleeping naked. I don't get over it. Felt obligated to get her back home, then dump her. She marries Joe, my old boss at a summer job, fucktard, 40. She needs younger dick, more often. We're FWB then. One night with Zoe my buddy Roy stops by. She's in bed yet. I ask her if she'll fuck Roy. She said she always had a crush on him, but will he fuck me? Sure he will.

    • I was going with pretty Linda. Dinner and sex on Sat night. A blowjob on Wed to hold me over.
      Started a FWB with extra hot Lori (D Cup- part time bikini and bra model) -- she couldn't get enough. She came from work with an overnight bag (she kept one in her trunk like a spare tire.) - fuck her all night BJ in the morning "because I can't smell like cum at work" manly because she was fucking her boss and a co worker. And had a BF too. Told her dump the others, lets get married. She said emm -- OK.
      First 10 years fucking her 3x a day, lunch time BJ in the car MWF. "Bj's are my tranquilizer" Sure I wish she wasn't funking those other guys. But she's 10x better wife than Linda. Hot nymphos fuck other guys, they get a lot of attention. And she says her Fuck Club total is 6 guys -- but she did it a lot with them. At 45 we still do it every day.

    • I would have. Don t tell me you did not go with other girls.

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