She said his penis was thick

Discussing my wife’s past lovers after both of us had been drinking, she owned up about on guy that she started to have sex with.
But when he pushed his penis into her it hurt.
I said it must have been big cock but she said no it just felt very thick!
He kept thrusting away and she said please stop your hurting me, but he was too excited and continued until he climaxed!
She said that be of it she didn’t want to see him again.... his response was that his girlfriend was pregnant by him anyway!
Obviously he had used her, but she also said that she had sex with him again a week later!
I don’t understand why she would have sex with him again if it hurt so much

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  • Same with me me and my wife. We talked about past relationships after we got married and she said one of her past boyfriends had a large cock. It hurt the first few times they had sex but she got used to it.

  • Do you think my wife would have enjoyed it eventually?

  • Probably. She probably would have also bragged about it to her friends and her friends would have become curious about him, too.

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  • How fake can you get! A woman's vagina can expand for a baby to pass through!

  • It hurt so GOOD

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