Wife fucking my black friend

I can't get my wife to actually fuck my friends, she talks like she would when we are fucking but when i actually start arranging something she backs out, some of you guys that got your wife to actually do it give me some suggestions

2 months ago

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    • Get her drunk, a few drinks, maybe some weed and my wife will fuck any one.

    • Let her fuck anyone she wants. Not who you want. If she wants to she will.

    • My hot wife and I mostly kibitz about sex with buddies, some hit on her behind my back. We saw Bradley Cooper at a football game. She leans over, and way too loud "I'll do it with him."

    • You are weak. Give her away to a real man. Bitches aren't to be loaned out like a tool.

    • Jerrybob1221@yahoo.com email me and we can talk more about your wife

    • Jerrybob1221@yahoo.com email me and we can talk about her

    • Ask her to do it when your not with her and to tell you able it after she did

    • You must make her understand that this is something you need to do make you feel sexually complete, that seeing her enjoy fucking is very important to you and your sexually happiness that fucking someone else is no more than using a dildo, don't ask her to come with you to fuck one of his friends you have to set up a situation where ya'll are some
      where that you can fuck and not worry about anyone knowing about it . her main concern will be making sure you don't feel badly about it and no one will know. your woman will fuck just about anybody as long as she knows it won't damage her marriage. if yall do fuck one of your friends don't say anything to her about it for a while, make out like never happened this make feel ok about it as far as your friend being black that does not matter to a woman it matters to most men that is why women are reluctant, it will be worth it , it will be a real thrill for both of you, good luck

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