I can hear him moaning while I give him a blow job

Last Wed. night I saw my handsome, hot bodied, sexy boyfriend with his beautiful blue eyes and brown hair, which matches up with my beautiful face, blond hair, sexy 32 DD boobs, and my size 0 body. We are the perfect looking couple, we're both educated, smart, we live upscale lives, we hang out together so relaxed and so comfortably. Well, he tells me he wants to not be exclusive and he wants to date other women and keep fucking me. I thought about it that night at dinner, and we went back to his place after dinner. We had fucked before dinner, so he was tired and fell asleep. I played with my clit to orgasm, then I woke him with, "Fuck me." I sucked his dick until he was nice and hard. He was moaning the entire time I sucked him like he was in heaven. This Sat. I'm sucking him until he cums and swallowing it all down my throat, he just doesn't know it yet. He fucked me and his body rubs against my clit while he fucks me making me cum again. I said, "I'm going to cum and after I came he came (he cums so hard in me and sounds like a savage man when he's cumming, it is such a turn on he grunts and is loud and I love it.) About him wanting to fuck other women; I still want to have fun and sex with him, and I love him, so I just will have to look the other way while he pursues sex with women who won't be as sexual, good looking, or as fun as I am. Most women don't think about sex all the time like I do, plus I will always say yes to sex with my man (he can have it anytime he wants it) whereby so many women I know won't give their man any, or hardly any, so he's in for a rude awakening.

2 months ago

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    • Massively faked.

    • 3 girlfriends and wife.
      Judy: cute but chubby: So much sex with her, morning , noon and night. Can't think of breaking up with her, But I look at pretty girls. I'm too busy fucking her and she sucks my dick when it won't get up after 7 times. Get this, she breaks up with me. We go to different college -- some Frat boy she's fucking silly.
      Linda Jo: Cheerleader, sorority, knockout -- sex once a week. -- Fuck once a week sex. I find FWB
      Katy: My side fuck, also a knockout, firm D cup tits. Wears a compress shirt to show the girls off. Sex twice a day as FWB. Between class blowjobs. Chemist, wife. Sex 3x a day, lunch hour blowjobs. Some things never change.
      10 years later Judy is my same time next month Fuck Buddy. I love big girls.

    • Fantasies are wonderful . . . . . . . . .
      . . . . . . . . . but they never come true . . . . . . . . .
      . . . . . . . . . sadly.

    • Are you referring to his fantasy of having sex with other women? I'm not so into that idea anymore btw. He might have to go if he pursues this as I have plenty of options with other men.

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