Was it wrong to suck his cock

Before I met my wife... she admitted that she had a relationship with a teenager who was just 16 years old when she was in her early twenty’s.
Again she reluctantly admitted the she had touched and eventually sucked his young penis before opening her legs for him!
She says she just got carried away???
But I keep thinking of them doing it!
Maybe he took advantage of her?

2 months ago


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    • Just a cradle snatching slapper in my opinion

    • He then fucked her for two years before we met.
      She had other lovers as well, but she carried on letting him fuck her!
      Even admitted that he was good at fucking her .
      When I met my wife to be the teenager and another guy were calling round at her place and having sex with her on a regular basis.
      Maybe I should have got my end away( did on the second date) and walked away like a few other lovers did once they had her !

    • Can I ask, does everyone think that I married a slapper

    • They took advantage of each other.

      What do you see when you think of them together sexually? Do you see her taking his teenaged hard cock between her legs? Him using your wife’s mouth as a fuck hole? Her gagging on his cock and loving it?

    • The thought of watching him and her... yes really turns me on.
      Would love to be able to g back in to to see her wi the young teens cock in her mo... and then my wife to be opening her legs for his errection to penetrate her!
      Wish I could!!
      Thing is he wasn’t the only teenager to have her, is best mate who was 17 also had her.
      Think they must have agreed who went round on what day to fuck her!

    • Yes I see all of that

    • He would have enjoyed it, just like an other 16 old boy. Every teenage boys fantasy to have an older woman take his virginity.

    • Yes apparently he boasted to all his mates about what they did together!

    • I was divorced for about five years and wanted nothing to do with men during the whole time. I ordered food for delivery one night and the young man that showed up was just gorgeous, I looked at him and asked how old he was and he told me seventeen. I asked him if he wanted a BJ for a tip, he actually asked me what a BJ was and I laughed. I asked him how late he was working, he told me and I said well stop back by here when you get done if you want to see what a BJ is, he showed up and I invited him right in and he got way more than a BJ.

    • Didn’t you feel guilty sucking a Boys cock?

    • No thought turned me on

    • Is this my ex wife? 😂 sounds like something she did after we were divorced. But like ordered food every night for 6 months.

    • I was a good looking kid but shy the girls. Most I did was a GF actually behind a barn. Hot waitress at my diner flirted with me -- inappropriately some times. She flirted with all the men, some grabbed her ass. She didn't mind, it made for good tips. She was 45, married with kids. I flirted back inappropriately after awhile -- asked her to pop my cherry. She said you're not legal. But I'd love to. Week before my 18th BD told her I'll be legal. She actually carded me. She was off 2 days after my BD, got a room and fucked her 3x. And she gave me a blowjob. ~Now do that with her your GF, I taught you well and was fun for me too. Use a condom. You didn't even bring one. You'll need one for her..But I'm married, we're not doing this again.~

    • She was an asshole! But she probably did not break the law!

    • He may have fucked her asshole too.

    • Yes he did fuck her asshole

    • No he didn’t fuck her there

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