Panties off for a lift home

Talking to my wife of a few years, she opened up about when she was in her early twenties before she met me.
She agreed to go to a college dance with a guy who was boarding there.
He was a few years younger than her.
During the dance they went back to his room where he tried it on.
But she said no... but he said that if she wanted a lift home she ... should let him have sex!
I would have thought that she would have said get stuffed... but she just lay there on his bed while he pushed her dress up, pulled her panties and tights off.. then dropped his jeans and underpants.. rolled on a condom and fucked her!!
When he had had her...they got dressed and went back to the dance as if nothing had happened although his mates did snigger a bit??
He took her home... and wanted to see her again but she said no!
She said she felt that she had got the upper hand because he didn’t see her naked!
But I said he had got what he wanted anyway???
She didn’t agree because he hadn’t seen her naked!!
but surely she only did what most women in her situation would do ?
Do you agree??

2 months ago

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    • While we were dating my wife would go to frat parties every Friday night. After a while I learned that she would fuck new one guy each week. Since we dated for all four years of college before we got married I believe that she fucked somewhere between 100 and 200 guys. After the first year she told me what she was doing and I would go to the parties with her and sometimes got to watch another guy fuck her. Then I would walk her back to her dorm.

    • I would love to fuck her

    • An ex hot GF (Lynn) and I went for a naked walk to watch the sunset and have sex 400 yards from our cabin. On our way back we noticed there was a cop in our cabin. We had left the doors wide open, the lights on, our clothing littered on chair near the door and her car pared haphazard in the front yard. You could tell right away he liked Lyyn and she was in no hurry to her clothing back on. First he checked her ID to see if she was 18 (19). He wrote a report taking all our info including phone numbers. Said if the owner (my dad) reported damage we'd hear about it. he called Lynn up a week later, good news -- no damage -- won't you be my fuck toy.. Sure she says. I have no clue this cop is in my girl's fun hole till 5 years later and we start a FWB (we had spit years before)
      "Do you remember that cop we met naked?"
      She said it felt it a little like blackmail and he was good looking -- the 2 things together really did it for her. Her dad was a cop too and she thought they knew each other,, so fucking his daughter negated what he had on her.
      She's a tenured professor at big school.

    • Sounds like a sexual assault.

    • She could have got a cab

    • Sounds like she got fucked send me a picture of the whore

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