Any girls here sneaked semen into food or drink?

I like to jerk off my bf into my cooking, usually to be eaten by some unsuspecting girl he's attracted to. We find it such a hot kinky secret we share with each other.

Sometimes I jerk it straight in. Sometimes when he fucks me he wears a condom and I put it in using the condom. Sometimes he shoots his cum into my mouth, then I spit/dribble it into the cooking mixture, so there's a bit of my saliva in the food as well.

I've made plenty of recipes with his cum, haha. He always cums so hard when it's for my cooking.

I eat the cummed-in food too and I've found that cum is often difficult to recognize when it's in food, more than one would expect - especially if it's mixed in. I think the saltiness sort of acts as a flavor enhancer.

Have you ever sneaked a guy's semen somewhere naughty like this, with or without his knowledge?

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  • No, I swallow every drop fresh and straight from the tap.

  • I like to take a nice long turd, wrap in dough, bake it and serve at Christmas, everyone raves about my shit Wellington

  • What’s for dinner?

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