Are any of those porn movies real?

So I was watching some porn and I always search for lesbian girls cuz I don’t like seeing dicks.
So the website recommended me a “real homemade Russian mom and daughter”
And I was like , da fuck?! Is this shit real ?
So I checked it and I’m not sure but they really really look alike and the way the video is made, they switch who’s recording who and put the camera on a table stable so that they can fuck with both hands ,and it seems like a real normal room full of shit everywhere.. I really felt like that shit is real and that almost made me puke
Then recommended after recommended it’s just real mom and son and real family orgy and all that shit and I knew must of all are fake , but I’m tellin ya , somewhere in the middle of millions and millions of porn videos, I really believe some of them are as real as the title says ... it’s fuckin crazy but it’s true

But what do you think , am I trippin?
Are all of those fakes ?

You think it’s reallly possible to be real videos of real family incest and people don’t even notice ?

I mean this shit illegal in the streets so that shit illegal in the internet too right ? But that’s the thing , how da fuck a person gon know if that shit real or fake ...

There might be vídeos we think it’s fake and it’s real and then might be vídeos we think it’s real but it’s fake so shit ...
I don’t even know no more

2 months ago

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    • The dying shot from the incest lover! But why did you put that on all incest posts?

    • Cinematography 101 teaches "make the camera see what you want it to see". It's all make-believe.

    • Incest is illegal. And unless you are on some deep/dark web website then what you are watching is actors getting paid to pretend they are related. Unfortunately there is a HUGE market for incest porn. Kind of sad.

    • I beg to disagree. Incest does not have a huge market! If you google "porn sites" and click on them they will show the most watched videos and incest is not shown unless you search for it!

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