Fucked by my dog

I had always wanted to experience being fucked.. although I am a male who had fucked a few girls.
At 17 Joking and playing around with my boxer dog he tried to mount me.
This made me think!
After a few times of bending over and letting him jump my jeans... I decided to g all the way!
I stripped naked and lay on my bed... my dog came, sniffed my bottom and licked it!
Then he mounted me... I felt the tip of his penis against my anus.
He was thrusting away but not penetrating me.
So I pushed my bottom back and felt the tip of his cocktail against me!
I pushed further back and wow...my dogs cock slipped up me!!
He started thrusting again.. I pushed further back and felt it go right up me!
It felt good to feel my dogs warm groin against my bare bottom!
He was an old dog snd it didn’t last long, before he dismounted me!
Frustrated I tried to get him to mount me again, but he was spent!
I looked and his red penis was out of it sheath... but at last I had had a cock upstairs me!!

3 months ago


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    • I have sucked our dog's dick but never allowed to fuck my anus.

    • You said that you sucked your dogs cock, did he cum in your mouth?

    • Talk to me why you didn’t go all the way

    • Why didn’t you let him fuck you?

    • You really should try it, lovely when you feel a dogs cum inside you

    • He also came on my bare bottom

    • Didn’t suck his dick... but you should try it up you.
      It was lovely

    • Is it wrong to have a dog fuck you??

    • I thought you couldn't teach an old dog new tricks.

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