Good dick sucking in the park

When i was a young teen i would go to the local park and didnt take long to be hit on by a guy i always let them suck my dick it had a life long impact on me i would as an adult sometimes suck a dick too my wife was understanding she to loved sucking a dick or a pussy never a problem for us

2 months ago


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    • Females NEVER are as good a cock sucker as a man. Had plenty from both and generally a man is far better.
      I was started sucking cock at 13 by a 59 yr old man that caught me fishing on his farm in a pond. He asked if I could read I said yeah .He told me I was trespassing on his posted property and I could take his punishment or he'd call the law and have me arrested. Of course at 13 I believed him. I knew he wasn't married lived alone. I said no he could punish me if he'd let me go. Took me into his barn, told me to strip of my cut off shorts and tank top. Said I had a choice. Suck his cock until he cums, or take his cock in my ass. I opted of course for sucking his cock until he cums.. He took his time telling me what and how to suck. He held my head and yelled suck it dry boy and I better get every drop and swallow. If I didn't catch it all he'd still fuck my ass. That day I became a good cock sucker. After the second sucking him off again about 15 min later with another big load of cum. Told me I did good but I'd get better before summer ended. He would have me jack off at first. After a few times one day when I finished him off he sit on a hay bale (always took me in the barn) had me sstand in front of him and he sucked my young uncut cock until I exploded in his mouth. Which only took probably not more than a few minutes.
      The next summer I purposely trespassed again. .. that summer at now 14 punishment was taken inside his house upstairs in bedroom where I was made to be more than sucking cock. .....

    • In the age of teen we cousins would suck each others dick.

    • Once you suck a dick off it gets hard to stop even though you like pussy more

    • Yes. Pussy is good. But Cock hits better.

    • Pretty normal and feels good at the time we all when young had to find an outlet for our sexual needs with somebody.

    • Yes i agree i let men suck my dick loved it but now im married but still enjoy getting my dick suck by another guy

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