I love cock but idk why

Im 32 yrs old and come from a small town. I grew up playing sports and banging girls and all the usual guy stuff. Im from one of those places where same sex activities r frowned upon so i never thot i would tell this story. Ive never been interested in guys at all but for some reason since ive been 30 all i can think about is cock. It got so bad i had to start trolling the net to find someone to fix my urge. I found several actually. See for all the cock i think about what makes my cock the hardest is the idea of me taking on several cocks at once. Idk why a cock virgin would want so many my first time but i did. Long story short i finally found someone and they found someone and i ended up having 5 dudes meet me at a hotel. Once everyone was there we introduced ourselves n i said i was the one who got this going so if everyone was rdy to take their cocks out. Omg 5 cocks just hanging tgere waiting for me was just unreal. They all circled around me stroking their cocks while i started sucking on them as fast as i could. I couldnt wait to get to the next one. Out of the 5 of them, 3 had pretty normal size cocks n one was pretty big like mine id say 8 inch nice size vut one guy was hung! Everyone probly always says this but i swear it was every bit of 12 inches and very thick. I could barely wrap my mouth around it. It was only suppose to b sucking only but while i was on my knees sucking n stroking all these cocks one of the guys reached down n started fingering my ass. I didnt even notice at first cuz i was in the zone but then he tried to put 2 fingers in me n having a virgin ass i noticed rite away. Just as i was about to shut that down i got an idea. I wanted to get fucked too. And if im doing something u go all the way. So as i stopped n talked about this i said i want the 3 normal cocked guys to stand over me stroking n the 2 guys with the big dicks for one to throat fuck me n the huge one fuck my virgin ass. When my dick is hard i can b talked into anything so seemed like a great idea. I had the idea that i may want to stop once he started shoving that huge thing inside me so to make sure i didnt back out i told the other 4 to hold me down n make me take it. He lubed up but it would not go in. Couldnt even get the head in. So he said maybe let one of the smaller dicks fuck u to warm u up n maybe i can get in there. So there i am, laying on the bed, cock in both hands stroking, one down my throat and one going into my ass. The huge cock guy just stood there stroking and rybbing his dick all over my face. I was in heaven. I told the gut fkn me not to cum in me i had plans for everyone. When i started i wanted all 5 loads on my face. We stopped n switched out so i could try n take this massive cick again. This time we actually got the tip in. Hurt like hell but felt great too. He just kinda eased the tip in back n forth for awhile cuz wasnt much more fitting. I had to think by this point everyone was gonna b cumming soon so i gave the order. I told the 3 over me i wanted it on my face. The one in my mouth i told to push his cock as far down my throat as he could when he unleashed. And i told big dick to cum in my ass even tho it wasnt that far in. The first to cum was throat guy. He was ramming my throat so hard i couldnt breathe. He grabbed my throat n pulled himself down as far as he could as he blew his load down my throat. I could feel his cock twitching everytime it pumped more. He was so far down my throat i think he was just dumping it strait in my stomach. As he pulled his cock out of my mouth the 3 strokers moved in closer to get ready. I look up at them mouth open ready as they all start to cum. In my mouth in my eyes it was everywhere. Omg i loved every second of it. I asked big dick if he was rdy n he said maybe soon im tryin. I couldnt blame him he barely got inside me with that thing. So i looked at him, cum all over my face and said shove it in. Plow that big fkn cock inside me. He grabbed my hips n just fkn slammed every inch of it inside me. I let out a gargled scream as my throat still had cum in it. He was pounding my ass so deep. I couldnt believe he had all 12 inches of that thing in my virgin asshole. He was definetly rearranging my insides. Finally he said he was about to cum. Me being the dirty fuck that i am told him to pound it baby! Pound my tight little ass! I want u to blow it in my guts daddy! I pulled him down to missionary position n looked him strait in the eyes n said kiss me when u cum. Just then he started licking all the cum off my face. He just kept saving it cuz when he leaned bk i could tell his mouth was full. I could tell he was trying to tell me something and i knew what it was. I opened my mouth and spit all thise loads into my mouth. Before i could even decide to swallow he said im cumming baby and shoved his tongue in my mouth. We kissed passionatly as he buried his dick deep in my guts. Idk if its all big dick guys or what but he just kept cumming n cumming. It felt so good tho. I could feel his cum filling up every knook n cranny of my blown out guts he just destroyed. Thanks for listening. Cant wait to do this again.

2 months ago


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    • I wish I could do that once!

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