Naughty When Nude 2

I guess it had been a long time for her. She was turned on more than any woman I had been with in a long time. The Panamanian girls I was used to in Panama took a little more coaxing before they were ready to spread their legs and open the door to heaven. They did have dark areolas and nipples that I always liked. I could tell by how wet my pecker was getting that this blue-eyed beauty's door was wide open and begging for company.

I inched my arm down to where my hand could guide my cock to its objective. When the head of my dick touched the opening to her pussy she gasped as if something had scared her. Then she eased her pussy against my hand, and I let my cock slip into her slowly. Her commentary alone would have made most men come. Surprisingly I warded off my orgasmic impulses temporarily.

Mom's arousal prompted her to latch her arms around my neck, and press her lips against my mouth. Her embrace was hungry and passionate, but there was something missing. I eased my tongue between her lips and she reciprocated with hers and a new level of passion was immediately reached. I accelerated my pumping into her pussy, and she instinctively wrapped her legs around my waist.

Mom was whimpering now, but I was certain the reaction was due to ecstasy, although it sounded like pain. She was babbling in my ear, but I'm sure that whatever she was saying was incoherent to both of us. Both her body and mine were responding more to her sounds of sex than we were anything else.

Before I realized what was going on, my mom was writhing with unbridled passion as she felt the arrival of her orgasm surge through her body. She must have gasped the words, "I'm coming" in my ear at least fifteen times. For all I know, she may have experienced that many spasms in the course of her climax. It had been a long time for her.

Being in much better shape, sexually, I took a little longer. In the meantime, Mom had another earth-shattering orgasm. Her intense animation celebrating this second event pushed me over the edge. Just before it was ready to happen I announced that I was going to blow. I pumped her pussy faster and faster letting my juices fill her sex hole. Mom's pussy grabbed my cock and assisted with draining my balls of every last drop of semen.

Once all of the excitement had subsided, I gently urged her to sit on my lap the next time. We were both covered with perspiration from our sexy workout, even my knees felt weak from our engagement, Our coupling over the past hour definitely resulted in a bonding the likes of which was not to be equaled. We were both extremely satisfied.

We returned to the kitchen, both bare-assed naked, where Becky prepared a light but tasty meal for us. After eating she came around and sat on my lap again.

"Jeff," she said tenderly, "you can't imagine how much of a boost you gave me for my well being. I was hurt and angry, and understandably, I lost all interest in men and sex for a while. I'm glad you woke up my heart, and reminded me that I am a woman that needs a lot of attention to make up for all the years I wasted with your father."

"I'm still overwhelmed, but I am glad things happened the way they did. I've always been proud of my beautiful mother, and when I saw you without any clothes on, that did the trick."

"I still can't get over how much you have grown these past few years. That tool of yours was just the thing I needed to repair my engine, but I honestly think it needs a lot more work, don't you?"

"A lot of work," I said in a joking manner, but I was very serious in my intent. She reached her arm around my neck and pulled me toward her. As out lips touched, I closed a hand around one of her soft, smooth, breasts. It was definitely more than a handful. Her hand covered the one I had on her breast as continued our embrace.

"Did you enjoy the sex we just had, Jeff?" Her expression was serious.

"I'm going to hold my opinion on that subject at least until we try it two or three more times. I don't want to jump to any conclusions until I'm reasonably sure." Then the broad smile on my face removed any concern she might have had about my intentions.

"I'm ready again when you are, Mister." She sprang to her feet, and turned toward me. My cock was nearly fully erected again. "Oh my," she said playfully putting her hands to her cheeks in mocked surprise. "Is that for me?"

"Why yes it is, prepare to be entered young lady," I commanded.

"Yes sir," she said as she saluted.

God she looked good preparing my cock for another performance.

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    • One Time I was having Lunch at Burger King and then in comes a group of Midgets carrying their King who was wearing nothing but a Robe and the Burger King Crown, holding a Scepter and his Throne was a Toilet.

      The King was also barefoot and he had what looked like his underwear around his ankles and oh my god the moment this asshole came in I couldn't tell what smelled worse his feet or the shit he was taking in the restaurant as I can see everyone in the restaurant either laughing or groaning in disgust seeing a grown man sitting on the toilet in a restaurant wearing only a Crown, Robe, and his Underwear.

      Then King Feet got off his Porcelain Throne without wiping his own ass and pulled up his underwear; dear God help us if anyone saw his Penis. He then stuck his barefoot in the toilet and everyone in the restaurant was showing disgust as Burger King employees began yelling at King Feet and his Court Jesters to get the Hell out of Burger King as they were violating Health Violations.

      Then King Feet took his foot out of the Toilet and began to Smell His shit covered Fucking Feet in the middle of the damn restaurant as other diners were really getting sickened.

      Then the Midgets carried King Feet over to my Table and then King Feet snatched my Whopper, put his foot in my whopper and started sucking his toes on my whopper.

      I was so mad I hit King Feet with my Drink and took his scepter and whacked him and caused him too fall off his toilet throne smashing it to the ground leaving turds and broken toilet shards on the floor of Burger King as Burger King staff came to drag this half naked King out of Burger King.

      My day was officially Ruined but Ding Dong the Burger King is Dead.

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      Incest lovers should be hung cuz I like that!
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      You can all shit in my mouth!
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      I catheterize myself with
      Piano wire"

    • Shithead !!!!!

    • Not more of this crap. I have been to Panama several times, thanks for ruining it for me.

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