Naughty When Nude

This is how it was for me and my parents in a very condensed version. I don't consider this a confession really, so that's why I chose story.

I was raised in an ideal family environment. It would be safe to compare our family to any close-knit family of TV fame. Dad was the straight laced, three piece suit, family provider, and Mom was the angelic, dependable, perfect homemaker and parent. Some people would go so far as to say I had the best of the best. That is until I graduated high school and went off to the Army.

After boot camp I was sent to Panama to fulfill our political commitment there. It was four years before before the U.S. officially hands over control of the Panama Canal waterway into Panamanian hands for the first time. Anyway, I was there for the remainder of my enlistment during which time my folks had split up and gotten a divorce. I really couldn't believe the news. In fact, I called my Mom to see if everything was all right with her.

Surprisingly, she sounded calm, collected, and determined to make the best of things. It seems that his Dad had run off with a topless dancer and they were living in California somewhere. More news that surprised me. I leave home and the perfect family crumbled.

So I arrive home and look at the house. This was the place I remembered all of the good times at. Glad to find at least some things had not changed. I found a key to the back door in the same flower pot it had been in for years. Mom was at work so I let myself in. I checked the refrigerator where I found a beer, and sauntered into the den. I didn't have to wait long before a sleek cherry red Corvette convertible wheeled into the driveway and came to a screeching halt very close to the garage door. The woman at the wheel was a knockout. My God, it's Mom.

Her heels clicked on the driveway and the concrete steps leading to the back porch. The footsteps were then muted by the indoor/outdoor carpet covering the porch. The next audible sound was that of a key rattling in the lock.

"Hi Mom," I said when the door swung open.

"Oh, my God," she cried. She dropped her purse and covered her gaping mouth with her hands. "Holy shit, Jeff," she exclaimed after regaining her composure slightly. "You scared me half to death, I didn't know you'd be here today." Quickly becoming more composed she threw open her arms saying, "Well, come here honey."

I stepped into her waiting arms trying to match her excitement with a big smile and a big hug. Her hug seemed nearly as strong as mine. It was strong enough to crush her breasts into my chest. Surprisingly I could feel her nipples pressing against my T-shirt covered chest too.

"It's good to be home, Mom. And it's really good to see you again. I think you look younger and more beautiful than when I last saw you."

"You were always such a charmer Jeff, but it's wasted on your old mom. Have you been waiting long? Are you hungry? How long are you going to stay?"

"Mom, hush. Take a deep breath. Relax."

"Oh, Jeff, I'm so glad your back. Let me go get more comfortable, and then we can talk. Don't go away now." She darted upstairs to her bedroom.

In what seemed to be only seconds, she bounded down the stairs and back into the kitchen. Her cheeks were flushed with excitement and there was a sparkle in her eyes. She was in a tiny bra and panties. She immediately saw my surprise.

"Oh son," she said apologetically, "I guess I could have given you a little more warning, couldn't I?"

"Mom," I said not trying to hide my total astonishment, you're just in a tiny bra and panties."

"Yes I am, aren't I?" she said jauntily. "You see, I became a nudist after your father left, and while you were in the service. Neither you or I wrote a whole lot, probably because of the divorce, where you were and everything. So I guess this is a surprise for you. I wanted you to see me in this before I take these off and you see me completely nude in about five seconds."

I barely heard what she was saying. I am 22 years old, and this is the very first time I have ever seen my mother naked, not to mention standing not three feet away from me. Adding to the chaos of the situation, she is an extremely attractive woman even if she is forty years old. I offer no apology for the fact that my Army trained cock was well on its way to standing at attention.

"Jeff," Mom said softly. "I know this is all strange and uncomfortable for you, but I am happy with the new me. C'mon, be happy with me. In fact, why don't you get naked too? It's the ultimate freedom. You'll see."

"Mom, the last time I was naked in the room with a beautiful woman we didn't sit around and talk about old times."

"What did you do?" she asked trying seriously to convey an air of innocence in her tone.

"Don't worry about it, okay?."

"But I'm your mother, Jeff."

"You're also one hell of an attractive woman that I didn't expect to see like this, and . . and, your tits are driving me out of my mind." My cock was at half mast at least by now.

"That's very flattering, Jeff. Why don't you get out of those clothes, and let's see what we can do to resolve this situation. Please," she purred. She even bent down and toyed with my belt buckle.

"Mom, I'm not a little boy anymore," I argued.

"Show me," she said seductively. By now she had my belt loosened and the top button to my fatigues unbuttoned. "I've never seen you naked as a young man. You have the advantage on me, don't you think?"

I stood up, and four hands grappled at my pants and boxers. In nothing flat I was standing in front of her butt naked with my cock standing at full attention.

"My word," she sighed, you are a well grown man, aren't you?"

"And you're still my mother," I replied.

"Well, like it or not, I think you are well on your way to becoming one of this town's most handsome mother....fuckers."

"Mom," I begged out of complete surprise.

"I think it would sound better if you called me Becky when you are about to jump my bones, don't you?" She reached out and caught my raging hard-on in her soft, warm hand. I almost climaxed on the spot. "You've been aching to touch my boobs ever since you laid eyes on them, why don't you do just that now?" She stepped closer. "I know they're not huge, but I'm proud to say they're still all natural, amazingly firm and still stick out very nicely for a forty year old."

As bad as I wanted to take one of her soft, warm, breasts, into my hand to hold, knead, and taste, I hesitated. She moved closer, pushing one before me, it's long nipple sticking out.

"Here. I want you to fondle my breast. It's been a long time for me, Jeff."

I knew that I would choke if I tried to speak, so I just leaned forward and took her boob into my hand. My other hand also went up automatically to mold and squeeze the soft, silky smooth flesh. Her sensuous moan made my dick ache even more. Then she took my head in her hands and was guiding my mouth from one tit to the other to suck her nipples.

We moved to the couch and I was pressing my body against hers. I guided my tempered steel erection between her thighs. My shaft resting on her pubic hair and stomach. I could hear her gasping because of her labored breathing and arousal. My breathing was also heavy, but my panting was pale in comparison to hers.

"Jeff, honey," Becky managed between gasps, "I think we had better get on with this before I have my orgasm without you." Then there was more gasping, moaning and sighing.

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