My daughter ate my sandwich with cum on it

I made a sandwich for my daughter and went to my room for to cum on it and served it to her she opened it and said “what is that and why is it sticky?” I told her it was it was healthy mayonnaise and I put cum on her food ever sense

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  • I did that with my step sister.As soon as she took a bite she knew what it was and I was laughing so hard that I didnt realize that she screamed and yelled for her dad.As soon as she told him what I did he beat my ass and made me eat the rest of the sandwich . To make my punishment even worse he makes me make myself a sandwich every day and watches me jack off and cum all over it then I have to eat the whole thing. I refused at first but he beat my ass until I did as told .

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  • Why do you write these sick bull shit cum feeding posts? Most people will smell and taste cum in their food! After a few minutes cum starts to smell really bad and you know it!

  • She doesn’t know what cum smells like😟

  • That don't matter she would not eat anything that smells and tastes bad! Fake shit asshole! But hope you go out to eat and someone wipes their ass with your food!

  • Well that's fucking twisted.

  • He is full of bull shit!

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