Sex with my next door neighbor

I am a mechanic by trade and usually always have a project car going in my garage, my next door neighbor does not know much at all about vehicles or anything else with an engine. One day he walked over and asked me if I could do them a huge favor, his wife's sister was broke down about a hundred miles away and would I help her out. I hooked up my trailer incase I had to tow her car and off we went, I ended up just loading it on the trailer and bringing it back to my place, fixed it in a few hours and all was good. Neighbors wife told me I was having dinner with them and she kept pushing so I showed up and ate, it was a good time then I went back home.
Later on into the night, like almost midnight I hear a knock on the front door, I look out and it is Lisa my next door neighbor. I let her in and ask her what is wrong, she tells me nothing at all I am just wanted to thank you for all you did for me today. I thought it was odd but told her she was welcome and then we just stood there for a few seconds staring at each other, then she says, Mark I came over here for your pleasure and I was still not really getting it until she reached down and began rubbing the front of me. She again told me that I was hers to do with as I pleased. I started touching her sides and then led her back to my bedroom. I love a woman's ass, love to kiss and lick it, massage the cheeks in my hands. I did just that with her for quite a while listening to her moaning and telling me that know one has really done that to her as I licked her anus and dove my tongue into it. When I rolled her over she was soaked and her first orgasm came in just a few minutes of licking her clit. I did not stop there and gave her a second one hearing several oh my gods and you are amazing. I finally got the rest of my clothes off and she looked down and smiled, she laid back and spread her legs out as I started rubbing my cock head on her pussy. I slowly went in and out a bit and she began wrapping her legs around me pulling herself onto me so I started giving her the whole thing. She told me not to worry about anything and cum where ever I wanted to do it, I love to get sucked when I orgasm so after I had enough I rolled off of her and laid back, she rolled over on top of me and slid down to my cock sucking it well past my orgasm until I was hard again. She came back up and sat herself down on top of it grinding her hips and told me that I had a wonderful cock, way bigger than her husbands and she was definitely coming back again some time. She fingered herself while I just looked on feeling her pussy contracting as she finally had another orgasm. She collapsed down on top of me and I just let her lay there for a few minutes with my cock inside her, she slid back down and sucked on me until I came again then she left thanking me again for everything I did for them. I told her anytime she wanted to come over she was more than welcome. She came over quite often and we had sex for about five years or so until they moved out of state for his job.

3 months ago

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