Trained my wife to enjoy cock sucking with other men

My wife has all the curves and I especially like her to get naked, on her knees bare feet and blow me. At first I came on her face, then over time I had her swallow. After several swallows she got use to it and it was no big deal. She knew from my constant hints that I was a cuckold and wanted her to do the same for other guys. She wasn't crazy about that but she knew it turned me on so I invited a friend over and we got stoned and I gave her screw drivers, the drink that always made her horny. .She went down on me like a wild cat and my friend couldn't believe his eyes. I motioned for him to take his dick out and stick it in her face. She sucked his dick like a slut and we both came all over her face. I asked her later how she liked it but she couldn't remember she was so out of it.
One guy named Rob, I hope he is reading this, who I did business with was always looking for sex and had his eye on my wife. I don't know how, but he figured out I was a cuckold. May be because he would drop hints about my wife and I would try not to get excited but he was really tuned in to me. One day he called me at work and started to tease me about my wife. I got caught up in it and asked him what he would like to do with her. He said he wanted her to suck him dry. I got excited and told my wife to pick up the extension. Watching her reaction, I asked him to tell me again. She began breathing heavy as she listened to him
I got off the phone and asked her what she thought. She said as a question: is that what you want me to do? Yes I said. We went over to his apartment that Friday night. He had grass and her favorite drink. After a while be began to feel her up and she got hot. He undressed her in front of me and lead her into his bedroom and closed the door. I sat on the couch like a good cuckold and after about 45 minutes she came out to use the bathroom, and she was full of cum. I didn't know it but he had a room mate in the bedroom also and she was sucking the both of them off several times each. The room mate knew me also so I was a little embarrassed After we left, she started crying and said they used her like a slut. Her pussy was stretched too. Later that night I asked her if she liked any part of it and she said no, but I could tell she was lying. Rob was a real shit head, and was secretly video taping my wife in action sucking their cocks and wallowing their cum. He even taped her fucking them both and having organisms. He told me about the tape several days later. I told him I wanted the tape but he said he wouldn't show it to anyone but kept it only for his pleasure. He lied and showed the tape to guys we both knew. I knew he would and that excited me a lot.
My wife began to change subtly at first, then she began making eye contact with different men. Eventually I put ads in swinger magazines mostly for single men that I could watch her be used like a whore. Eventually Robs tape made it up to some porn sites and I saw it one night and got so excited I jerked off. All I have to do is get her stoned and give her her favorite beverage and she is good to go. I watched her at a swing club getting laid and she had the loudest organisms. Several scum bag guys would try and talk her into leaving me for them, but no dice. She is my puta and nobody is going to change that.

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    • She loved that shit. I know I would šŸ˜›šŸ˜›šŸ˜› all women love sucking n fucking dick pussy too. I love it raw n I need that cum down my throat or in this pussy.

    • How do I tell my daughter I want to have sex?

    • I knew that my wife had been with a lot of guys before we got married. And she loved sucking me off. One day me and two of my friends were watching the old Dukes of hazards. My friend said that he would fuck dasey Duke all day long. My wife looked at him and said that he couldn't last 5 minutes with a woman. He said BS that he would have no problem with that. My wife smiled and Laugh at him. I told him not to start something that he couldn't finish. Well one thing led to another and the three of us had are cocks out. My wife looked at my friend and said are you ready. He said hell yes. She took his half hard cock in her mouth and went to town on him . He got rock hard in her mouth in no time. She never used her hands just her mouth. He didn't last more than 3 minutes and he was cumming in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. When she let go of him he was getting soft. She stood up and said next. She suck us all off and none of us lasted more than 5 minutes. When she was done she looked at us and said I told you so. I have always been proud of her. I've watched her fuck a guys brains out many times. I'm lucky enough to have married a very sexual woman.

    • Mmmmm yesss good girl I wish I could enjoy this you are both lucky!

    • What could possibly go wrong?

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