Caught with a dog

I lost my virginity to a dog at 14 and this was probably about a year after. My parents had gotten a divorce but we’re still living together. They planned on getting different houses but for the time being, just moved into the small house my mom just got. I had just gotten out of school. I my school had gotten out early that day, not sure why. I got home to an empty house. My mom was at work and my older sister was at school. I did the typical yell around the house just to make sure no one was home. That’s when the butterflies started to fill my stomach. I was home alone, and my sister had a golden retriever. It was just us two. For as long as we had this dog, he always humped people. Actually he was the first one that gave me the idea to lose my virginity to a dog anyways. I had sucked his cock a few times and sucked his balls a lot but never went all the way yet. Now I had a very small room connected to the living room. The door was all messed up so it didn’t lock, but no one was home so I didn’t care. I went to my room and the golden followed. First this I did was sat on the ground and started to make out with him. His tongue filled my mouth while mine danced in his muzzle. I went to his backside and leaned in for some nice ball sucking. I loved those hairy balls. As we began to get more horny, I grabbed his sheath and started to jerk a bit. Wasn’t long before the tip was showing. I leaned down and put his cock in my mouth. I wasn’t very good at sucking cock and he wanted to jab at me so the cock sucking didn’t last long. I myself was quite turned on and I began to strip. We never had sex before but he knew when I stripped it was game time. He was panting and getting ready to jump on me. At first I had this great idea. I say on the edge of my bed and tried to lift my legs. My bed was low to the ground so it was easy for the dog to hump me there. I figured he could fuck me like I had a pussy but in my ass. Clearly that didn’t work. I tried to get it to work for awhile. I thought I was the sex god after losing my virginity. I lost track of time trying this. I was horny, frustrated, and ready to get fucked so I gave up. The dog was humping my leg so I got him off and leaned over the side of my bed. It wasn’t long before the golden retriever was mounting me. I knew the drill at this point. His cock poked me a bit before it penetrated my asshole and went it. A few thrusts and his crotch was flush with my ass. I was in bliss getting fucked by this golden. It felt so good to be under him. But that’s when I heard something. It sounded like a hey. I instantly panicked. My only thought was I have to get up and get this dog out of me. Being young and weak, I could get this dog off of me. I was in a weird state of extreme pleasure while panicking. That’s when the door opened. It was too late to do anything. I hear a stern voice saying what the fuck. I look over and my father is in my door way. He was clearly mad and in shock. There on the side of his bed, was his son with the dogs cock up his ass. I tried to say it’s not what it looks like but that’s had to say when a dog is balls deep in you. He quickly left the room. There was still no way I could stop this dog. Not that I minded to much but I had to let this dog finish fucking me before I had to face the music. It wasn’t long before he finish and his cock slide out of my ass. I was full of dog cum and I had to talk to my dad. I wiped off what I could with a blanket, got dressed and talked to my dad. I won’t go to in detail but he was not happy. He asked if I needed help and that I shouldn’t be doing this and all that. He asked if I was gay but at the time I was closeted so I said no I was just horny. He told me to stop and that he had to tell everyone else. Later that night, he told my mom and my sister about it. My mom tried not to think about it and my sister was mad. At this point I’m pretty positive, or would like to hope so, my family for got about it. But yes technically my family knows I’ve been fucked by a golden retriever. The talk was not fun which is why I won’t go into detail. Did that stop me from continuing? Hell no! I still get fucked by dogs to this day!

2 months ago

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    • Damn, you family knows you’re a dogs bitch! Wonder how they feel knowing their son belongs under a male dog with his leg spread wide! Think they tell people about their son gets fucked by dogs?

    • Oh I bet they love it! Telling all of their friends how much of a dog bitch their son is! I bet they make bets on what breed he’s had sex with and how big the cock he took was!

    • He also told your sister? Ouch.

    • Ok dude!

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