Want my gf to fuck other mem

So for about 6 years now I've liked the thought of my gf fucking other guys. It turns me on so bad. Started by her cheating on me when I was bad on drugs. She was tried of my bs. I found out by seeing her texts. But what surprised me was I had the hardest boner reading them. See pictures and videos she was sending. Reading how she meet up with these guys and how she fucked them. Long story short I got clean and she saw I was trying and doing better and stopped. Ever since tho I'm always thinking of her spreading her legs for other men. Wishing she would. But only if I new about it and said OK to her fucking them. I want to watch her squirting from another man. I want to see her hear her moaning in pleasure. I want her to send me random text informing me she is going out to get her pussy fucked. I want to watch her get dressed up. Dressed like a slut to to go meet someone as I sit at home knowing she is being fucked right now. Even bit more weirder is u want her for a short time be a escort. To get a hotel room and put an add out for men to pay and fuck her. I want her to have gangbangs. But I'm not sure how to go about telling her. I mean I ask somewhat. But she only said OK to a threesome with me another guy. Which I want to do but. But I first want to watch. And I don't know how to get her OK with me watching as she takes 2 cocks or even just 1one

2 months ago


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    • I F23get my fiance M34 watches me fuck other men and teen boys too ,he watched me fuck 2 young teen guys 15 and 17(brothers) and I even got them 3 to be really rough with me. The teen guys cum in my mouth so I kissed my partner making him swollow cum too . Now he lets me fuck any man who wants me even his brother fucked my pussy really hard n fast making squirt everywhere. It's great,we both love other guys making me feel good ,my man is hard right now knowing I'm letting everyone here know our sex life and he now sucks n gets sucked.

    • I was always the over possessive, jealous boyfriend to all my girlfriends. Then I watched my roommate fuck, Sue, his hot girlfriend silly, sometimes she was on top fucking him silly. Later she said she knew I was just pretending to be sleeping, auditioning. Sue is my wife. Loved to watch her get fucked again. It was so hot. But it would have to be some nice guy from church and me pretending to be sleeping. She a real church going goody goody. But on vacation she dresses like a slut and dances with other guys. I pretend to be jealous and controlling. "Some young stud is going to grab your ass again." "you dance like a farmer with to left feet. These young hot studs won't ask me to dance if I dress like a nun -- I love dancing. Cut me some slack."

    • Be careful with what you ask for. Once it starts you cannot put a stop to it. If she gets into this you can't blame her for fucking other guys. My wife started after two years of being married. I was the one who got her going

    • Start with the threesome and build from there over time.

    • That's right, pleasure and a bit of pain with other M or F is fantastic. Relax, n slowly go for it but don't get jelouse, get stronger, we do n have. Need more 3sums in this world, were only human. Both of you enjoy atleast oral by same sex but partner must be there. Love to be having one now

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