My wife is a choke slut

About a year ago my wife and I were messing around in bed. My wife is a great fuck! She’s always been down to try just about anything I want at least once. I started questioning her about if she has any fantasies that we haven’t tried. From the look on her face I could tell instantly there was something. Her face started to flush, and she looked down with a little smile. She was definitely embarrassed and shy to tell me. I kept questioning, and reminded her that whatever it was she shouldn’t be ashamed telling me. After about 10 minutes she looks down at her feet, smiles again, and tells me she wants me to choke her!

This caught me off guard. She just never seemed like that kind of girl to me. She’s kinky, but choking was next level. I had never even thought of choking her. It was really a turn on for me. I played it cool though, and told her that it could be hot. I slowly moved my hand up her chest and wrapped my fingers around her throat. As I started to squeeze she closed her eyes and started moaning right away. She’d been thinking about this for a long time. This was her button that had never been pushed. Being the first time I’d choked a slut I was nervous. I didn’t want to hurt her and was unsure about how far was too far. Nonetheless, she loved it and came hard while I choked and fucked her.

Over the next few months I read up on how to more safely choke her. I choked harder and longer. The harder and longer I choked her, the harder my wife would cum. It went from just putting my hands around her neck with a little pressure at first to her face changing colors and her lips turning purple. She’d tell me about tingling feelings all over her body and her vision turning to black and white. But the harder I choked her the harder she came.

Recently I’ve started choking her with the belt from her bathrobe. A few nights ago I choked her harder than I’ve done before. With the belt around her neck, my hands gripping the belt close to her neck, her legs spread, and my cock in her wet hole I pulled harder than ever. She was struggling and grabbing my wrists, but I kept pulling. She was so close to loosing consciousness. Her pussy was was dripping. With that grip and angle I had perfect leverage to fuck her hole harder than I’ve ever fucked a slut.

Now I choke her every time we fuck. I’m completely hooked to this kink! Lately I’ve been thinking about pushing it to the next level. I want to make her pass out. I want to see her eyes roll back in her head. I want to see her face go from terror to blank. I want to fuck her lifeless body. I want to feel her body twitching as her brain begins to restart. I want to see the confusion in her eyes as she struggles to figure out what’s happing. I want to feel her cum all over my cock when she realizes what I’ve done to her. I know she’ll get scared and panic as she gets closer to passing out, but I won’t stop. That’s when I’ll pull even tighter! I’m a very lucky man to have a choke slut wife!

2 months ago

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    • .B.S

    • I'm a little runt of a guy, 5'5 125#. I'm hung pretty good though. It looks even bigger on my small frame. FWB told me she got off on being much bigger than me, and 'no offense but I can take you, little guy, big dick.' I'm sure she could. I was like her sex toy, other Fuck Buddies were nicer by keeping that freak thing to themselves.
      I took full advantage, too. Met my match with Big Linda, 6' solid 180# -- big tits, big ass, thunder thighs. She goes cowgirl on me and I go home with a black and blue pelvis. My wife is like WTF? I fell, told her. At Big Linda house the next week I'm giving her oral and she locks me in with those big thighs. she having 1 cum after another -- she's out of her mind, I can't get her to let go, and I can't breath. If she doesn't kill me my wife will in the hospital. I'm a gonner. Then she finally realizes I'm not licking her pussy anymore. 'OMG, what have I done." I'm half out I can sort of see her start mouth to mouth. I come to and she wants to take me to the ER. What are we going to tell them? She calls a nurse (Judy) friend who puts me on oxygen. When my O gets up to 98% she says I'll be OK. Then all 3 of us start laughing our asses off.

    • Where did the nurse get the oxygen? They don't carry bottles of O2 around! Fake cake.
      Fact when you are deprived of oxygen till the point of unconsciousness, when the problem is fixed (she stopped choking him and allowed him to breath) a persons blood oxygen saturation returns to normal in seconds!
      So Bull shit.

    • She took care of her grandmother who had it.

    • And this is how men just casually kill women and get away with it. Welcome to our wonderful world everyone!

    • Sure, until you accidentally kill her.

    • This bastard has thought through and sexualized/fantasized/fetishized this scenario thoroughly. Such a 'killing' would be no accident. The board is stalked by a genuine psychopath with malignant narcissistic personality disorder.

      There is a possibility that he is baiting people in the hope of evoking reaction to his antisocial behavior. But in either case, he is unquestionably sick.

      The board host should report to the cyber-cops and ban his IP for life so he cannot post here again.

    • I like that reply! I was thinking she wanted him to put her out of her misery!

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