I love nipples

I'm a straight female, but I want to engage in nipple play with another woman. It's all I think about! I rub my own nipples and imagine how it would feel like to have one in my mouth. I want to roll her pebble like nipples around and really feel how hard they are. Then I want to kiss each one, rub it over my lips, pinch it and lightly lick the tip. Mmmm...then I'd flick and circle them with my tongue, really feeling that hard bud before sucking on them...OMG!! The idea has me so turned on-I'd make out with her tits for hours, tonguing those nipples, devouring them with my hungry mouth!! I wanna rub my nipples against hers, and have her make out with mine as I did to hers...then I'd start on her again. I want it so bad, I can hardly stand it!! I just want a nipple in my mouth!!

2 months ago

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    • Not a straight female ... I can believe bi, but definitely not straight. You just need to learn how to deal with this and be honest with yourself.

    • Well you're entitled to your opinion, but I want nothing else to do with a woman's body other than her nipples I don't even want her touching me anywhere else. I mean, i play with my own, so how is it much different?

    • My wife loves to play with her nipples when I lick her pussy,, she would like you to help out, we are in ct, where are you?

    • Not even a female! Just a crossdresser wishing he was a woman!

    • I'm def a woman, but thanks for being a dick.

    • Oh I'm most def a woman. It was difficult posting this, even though it's anonymous. Thanks for being a dick and making me wish I hadn't...

    • Don't listen to fucking incels, do what you want

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